C-ltik (Announcement)

SR0063: C-LTIK

Mexico City's own, C-LTIK (House Salad) has put together a mix full of deep, Detroit sounds. Full of texture and rhythm, this one is easy on the ears.

I am Ernesto from Mexico City.
Since I was little the music that my father listened to; jazz, soul, rock, classical, Big Bang, and Funk were Cuban. My mother listens to ballads, trios, pop, vocals and music of the world like disco etc. They gave me a great foundation of musical heritage. I started to DJ because in my head a series of sounds were coming together and I said "this sound and this one go well, they get along, they make a good match". Then when I saw the friends of one of my cousins - who was the one who taught me the Electronic music culture and later on I discover House music - it led me to start DJing, which I've now done for around 13 years. My musical taste has an openness to listen to all genres. I have the philosophy of believing that music is not good and bad, and to not listen beyond what we like is to close off a world of possibilities to discover new things.

I think my sound is very Latin.
Very thick bass and the sound of brass instruments from big bands always feature. I am very inspired by the feelings or emotions that come to light at the moment of DJing or through the people I meet. Over time my sound has changed but without losing my essence. As I mentioned, I'm open to many things and incorporate them into my style. Salsa music, for example, is fantastic. It is unmistakable that I have Latin in my blood and it comes out when playing. I like to investigate everything, but I never want to imitate or follow the current trends, just simply be full of positive influences and let that influence my sound.

My mix for St. Romain includes DJs and producers from Detroit.
Some deep classics, with very deep sounds and very danceable rhythms, in a calm atmosphere that makes you want to dance. Full of percussion, synthesizers, trumpets, saxophones, bass and very soft vocals.  

What strikes me in a track is that it is not repetitive, that it has many textures changes, that it is soft to the ear and that it has a rhythm that makes you move. 

At the moment, I am very into producers such as Moomin, Bellarie, Soul Wun, Chris Carrier and Carlo. I like to listen to producers from all over the globe and try to discover them wherever they are, whether they are in Brazil, Japan, Iceland, Colombia, South Africa, etc.

I am part of the best House crew in Mexico, House Salad Music.
Here I've found new friends, learnt a lot and listened to a lot of house music. I am also involved in a project to host a program of sessions within Mexico and fortunately, they have been invited me to do the sessions for different parts of the world as well.

As we know, the pandemic has stopped many plans, but fortunately, it has helped me to reinvent myself and put my priorities in order. Regarding music, we hope to soon celebrate another year of House Salad, continue with the podcast project and support more people who want to join the Saladcast, because there is a lot of talent around, and we want to generate a culture of House music.


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