Wavy Jones (Announcement)


Born and raised in Jamaica, Wavy Jones has craved a sound of his own. Dubbed 'carom', it lies somewhere in between Dancehall and RnB.

It's a mover.

Tell us about you... 
Born and raised in Jamaica. As a child I was watching a lot of music videos on BET and MTV. I actually started producing about 4 years before I learned to DJ. One Summer during college I copped traktor DJ and just tried to blend some records. I have been producing for about eight years and DJing for 4 years.

What got you started as a DJ?
I thought the next step in my musical journey was to have the ability to mix my own records into a DJ set.

What defines your sound? What inspires you?
I have dubbed what I make as carom which means bounce. The sound lies somewhere in between Dancehall and RnB. I get inspiration sometimes from watching a movie. You get exposed to music from all over through movies.

What’s in the mix and why? What does it take for a track to get your attention?
In this mix, I took songs from my road playlist mostly dancehall and afrobeat vibes. Along with some records from my latest EP Sine Energy. If the record has a sick bounce I am adding it to my playlist said speed.

What music or producers are really exciting you right now?
Right now music from some of my producer G’s. Like ‘ShawnJSmith’, ‘Dxcape’ and ‘Banx!’.

Talk about any club / radio residencies or shows you have?
I did a show for NTS radio alongside Equiknoxx. That mix was laced with remixes I have been doing over the years along with some of my friends’ tunes.

Tell us about the last 12 months / the next 12 months.
2020 was an eye-opener for me really. It showed me that you can do anything once you set your mind to it. I managed to release an EP in a pandemic year. I dubbed the EP Sine Energy because the process of putting it together was smooth. This year I am planning on putting out a few singles and more remixes. My first release for 2021 was a flip of Popcaan’s twist and turn and it can be found on 'The 8th Path Records’ Soundcloud page.


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