DJ Buffmate (Announcement)


Born in Melbourne but living in Copenhagen, DJ Buffmate is a collector of all things quirky and soulful. His mix for St Romain explores heady downtempo, old-school house jams, and a bit of garage/breakbeat to keep the blood pumping in lockdown.

I’ve swung through lots of phases with music genres.
I’m half Danish, half Australian/Kiwi, grew up in Melbourne, Australia, but have lived in Copenhagen since 2013.
I grew up playing the guitar and got put onto a lot of oldies through my dad, so I listened to a lot of rock, blues and soul, as well as hip-hop and dancey pop going on in the late 90s and early 00s. We had a guy come fix our home computer, who for some reason he dumped his whole music library on there, which introduced me to heaps of electronic music that was big at the time, like Massive Attack, Amen Andrews and Aphex Twin. My favourite song as a kid was (and probably still is if I’m honest) Madison Avenue’s ‘Who The Hell Are You’ (banger). As I got into my late teens I listened to more and more electronic music; lots of trip-hop, house and jungle/drum & bass. When I started DJing I began listening to music with a context to play it in mind.

I never really gave DJ’ing a proper shot before one of my mates bought decks.
I thought, hey, I should buy some too, and I started collecting records and mixing with mates who had CDJs. That was about 4-5 years ago. After a couple of years doing it at home and at friend’s parties I started getting gigs around Copenhagen, just before Covid hit I was starting to take it more seriously.

Before Covid I mostly played funky/deep house, boogie/Italo, disco/rare groove, afro/zouk and garage with a dance floor in mind, but since lockdown, I’ve gotten more into a slower sound more suited for listening at home. So currently I’m listening to a lot of downtempo, street-soul, trip-hop, Balearic, reggae, new-wave, bhangra and stuff like that, I think my DJ’ing has gotten better and more interesting for it. With the genres I’m into at the moment, DJs like Eternal Love, Lorum Ipsum, Barbera Boeing, Cruce, Mike Who, Synths of World and Phuk Hugh are a few that come to mind who are killing it. Many others of course but those are some in my recent listens on SC that I really enjoyed. Shout out to my boy DJ Headset too.

I’m studying design & architecture in Copenhagen
I’m around a lot of creative people often, we have 5 DJs just in our class, so there’s a lot of bouncing tracks off of one another. And regarding places I’ve lived, I do feel there is a more disco-ey sunny vibe in Melbourne dance music, and maybe more introspective in the Danish scene, particularly with the techno scene that took off here a few years back. Probably to do with the weather and being more indoors, so that’s had its influence as well.

The last 12 months have been a bit up and down.
It started out great with gigs around town, and a mini-festival that my mates and I held, now obviously much more about stepping it up with mixtapes. Hard to say what plans for 2021 are, my mate DJ Headset and I have some ideas in the works, mostly online stuff. I’m currently writing my thesis from home, so digging and making mixes on the side is perfect for the moment. Unfortunately, the clubs are all shut down here and have been for a while, so I’m just enjoying making mixes for Soundcloud at the moment until things open up again.


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