K.I.M (Announcement)

SR0058: K.I.M

For the last St.Romain mix of 2020, it had to be something special. And it sure is. Our guest for SR0058 is K.I.M, celebrated producer, DJ and one half of multi (multi, multi) award-winning Australian duo, The Presets.

If we're going to end 2020 on high this is certainly the way to do it!

Tell us a bit about you?

I am from Sydney, Australia. Growing up I was listening to Punk, Goth, New Wave and Hip Hop. That's the sort of stuff made me really fall in love with music, artwork and the mystique of personas and enigmatic identities. Aussie rock was always on the radio and got into my DNA. I was accepted to study Music for the last 2 years of High School at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, from there I was exposed to so much Jazz, Classical and contemporary art music and have a massive love for that still to this day

How did you get into DJing? And how much has been part of your life in The Presets?

I started DJ’ing functions and weekend pub nights in the late ’90s mainly playing chart and commercial tunes for the weekend warriors and filling in for a friend who was doing that sort as a sort of career, he was never short of extra work to swing my way.

Once we formed The Presets in the early 2000’s more and more DJ opportunities started to come my way. I was able to start leaning more into club sounds of the time. It was the time of Electro Clash, nu-disco and nu-rave kinda sound. Sydney and Melbourne were especially fertile creative and party environments back then. It sort of took off from there and my sound has come to include Techno, House and leftfield sounds heavy on percussion and acid.

What’s in the mix and why?

The mix has a bunch of tracks that I rediscovered from a forgotten USB stick I had lying around since 2012. I recently found it and was blown away at some of the stuff I had on there. A few Maurice Fulton and Bubbletease Communication tracks. Some unreleased stuff from my label Here To Hell. The mix ends with a track called Hypnosis that I co-produced with Australian Chamber Orchestra members.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

Right now I am working on a soundtrack for science / art documentary. I'm trying to remain focused on that work, but other than that I have been listening to some very tasty demos and potential releases for my label.

Plans for 2021 and beyond…?

I'm still a little sheepish about making plans for 2021, seems like it might be foolish right now. Might just wait and see what happens!


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