Crescendo & Social Lubricant (Announcement)


Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Crescendo has been busy of late, putting out a series of brilliant house mixes via Data Transmission, Chromatic Club, House Salad Music and many more. For SR0055 he teams up with Social Lubricant to bring us something special.

Tell us about you:

Crescendo: I am based in Johannesburg. Growing up I've been surrounded by a lot of music, mostly hip-hop and house. There's this night a played my first set, I was using a laptop DJ software and it was a very fun night, from there I started researching and following more. My music taste hasn't really changed though I am influenced by a lot of sounds.

Social Lubricant: I am based in Johannesburg. My music taste is pretty eclectic; Avril Lavigne, Bonobo and David Guetta lol. I started Djing in highschool at house parties and events my friends hosted. It was always for fun. I've been Djing for the last 3 years.

What got you started as a DJ?

Crescendo: My high school friend who is still a DJ used to invite me to come to play whenever he was booked. I learned a few skills about everything around being a curator of music, hence I am constantly still building my name on the scene.

Social Lubricant: My best friend started an amazingly cool collective called KopJHB. They're still up and running. I joked a lot about wanting DJ at the events and eventually, I plucked up the courage. The first set I played was on CDJs (which I didn't know how to use) on a bpm rate of 140, I was fucked. It was so much fun.

What's in the mix and why?

Crescendo: Deep, funky, disco and bit of soulful. This DJ Set was actually airing at electronica festival radios in France not long ago so I felt like it didn't receive the love and energy it deserves. It starts with some chilled vibes tracks then it gets groovy towards the end.

Social Lubricant: I love afro beats, anything with a spunky kick, something groovy and soulful.

What music or producers are really exciting you right now?

Crescendo: So many things sonically that excite me but to name a few Suol Label, Wolf Music Recordings, Heist Recordings, Dirt Crew Recordings, Poetry In Motion, Shall Not Fade, Crackie Records and Artists like Mick Jenkins, A-Reece, Joey Bada$$ and Brent Faiyaz really inspire me. I also have big love for Hip-Hop music.

Social Lubricant: Right now I've been reliving old memories, really getting back into Basement Jaxx again.

Talk about any club/ radio residencies or shows you have?

Crescendo: Currently, I am not doing any residency anywhere just appearing as a guest on shows or any kind of venue.

Social Lubricant: Right now I'm not a part of any residences. I was a resident for Kopjhb for a while, I play at the Lonely Hearts Club on some regularity.

Tell us about the last 12 months / the next 12 months.

Crescendo: Last 12 months were very difficult for everyone, especially for those in the entertainment industry. Some utilised that period to their advantage by perfecting their crafts. Myself during that period I was collecting music and recording mixes for various podcasts around the world. The next 12 months I'm intending to play at cool venues around the planet that are all about this sound I push or promote.

Social Lubricant: The last 12 months have been strange. The year started off super stagnant. Only in about the last 4 months have I been playing gigs often, I play a gig at least every second weekend, 7 months ago I never would have thought post lockdown I would've been playing as often as I am now. I hope I'm playing just or if not more often in the next 12 months.


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