Colossio (Announcement)


This week we're very excited to welcome Mexican DJ and Producer, Colossio. Influenced by everything from krautrock and Mexican folklore to techno and experimental electronica, he's had releases on labels such as Duro and ILS Collective, and produced mixes for Red Light Radio, Renegade Store and ABRTA amongst many others.

I was born in Monterrey, Mexico.
I've never lived anywhere else but here, but I've travelled a lot and seen very interesting events and had memories that I then put onto my music, which over time has changed and matured. I've always been into music. I remember when I was a kid I was into Limp Bizkit, Korn, The Beatles, Scorpions, Fey, Genitallica, etc… My taste in music is very varied.

I had to learn to DJ on the go, the hard way.
Since the first party I went to, my mind was fixed on learning how to play CDJs, but I then learned about the price tag of the CDJs so I decided to make music instead. I learned to make music and it was when people heard it on Soundcloud that I got invited to play at parties.  It was a bit later that a friend of mine got a Hercules mixer so I got to learn with that and started playing small parties...

I've been playing for about 10 years now. My taste in music has changed a bit, but my sound is and will always be defined by rock music, I've heard rock music all my life. I try to mix that with my daily life experiences and important world events

As of now, there's a pretty good scene in my city and we're seeing very interesting results.
I've been working with a promo label called The People for 2 years now, I met them in one of their outdoor raves here in Monterrey, we instantly clicked and started working together. Last month we debuted my own party called La Huelga with their crew. We rave all night, and me and a special guest play for 12h in an undisclosed location. In this first occasion it was my very good friend Mijo.

I'm in my studio every day, but when I'm not DJing or making music, I enjoy wining and dining with my girlfriend or a chill bbq with my friends. I've been touring around the new food spots in town to taste and experience all the flavours and emotions that I can then I portray them in my music.

In the mix, you will find very particular sounds, weird noises and surprising details.
For something to catch my attention it must be something strange but powerful and exciting. It needs to have something that gets stuck in your head for a long time.
Besides being my good friends, Thomass Jackson, Mijo, Theus Mago, TYU e Iñigo Vontier are some of the producers I've found very interesting.

Almost exactly 12 months ago I was touring Europe.
I played Marseille, Lyon, Brussels, Berlin and Madrid. One of my favourite nights was definitely in Lyon in Le Lavoir Public y Terminal Club. I was playing around the country until Covid appeared and cancelled all of our plans for 2020, which included another European tour as well.

Covid brought some positive things too, I have more time now and I started other projects like  "Cronus' ' which is a project with a very good friend of mine, Gàme. We plan to launch our first 6 track album next year.

As Colossio, I've been working on several EPs that got released a couple of days ago on ILS records, Duro and a collab with Michael Fortvne. I don't know what is going to happen with Covid but I think we need to start working on a way to continue our life and take safety measures.


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