Baerg (Announcement)


Only four episodes before Christmas... we kick off the season of goodwill with a mix aimed at the living room and not the club from Swiss promoter, producer and DJ, Baerg.

A chilled out mix, full of groove and funk. It'll get you moving even if you're stuck to the sofa.

I’m a half German/half Italian that found his centre quite in the middle, in Zürich, Switzerland.
Since my uncle used to play and direct orchestras, my parents would go to a lot of classical concerts: my oldest memory about that was the Nutcracker being played in my hometown, Modena. As a kid I loved listening to the Beatles and growing up I started to love Rage Against The Machine and moved on to listening to punk music. That was when I learned to play the guitar and started playing in punk bands. By the time I moved to Switzerland, I was playing mostly on the streets, getting a lot of inspiration from John Butler and jazz music. My first attempts at listening to electronic music were very disappointing, I still don’t like the scene in Modena. My love for electronic music broke out as I moved to Switzerland, through my friend Felix (also a DJ, Cavabien). He would take me to clubs in Zürich and after a couple of nights there, I realised what amazing feelings that music can communicate and lead to.

I can remember what got me started as a DJ perfectly.
After a couple of times out my friend Felix (also a DJ: Cavabien) brought me to a local club called Hive, I had an epiphanic experience listening to a DJ set played by Einmusik. At that moment I realised: “Man! This is fantastic, I have to do it too!”. The next day I did some research and bought Ableton Live and a Push controller and started producing.

I thought I’d record something suited for a living room, rather than a club PA.
In this case, I selected chillier music, but with groovy beats, some funky flavour to get my head moving. During the recording though I felt the need for deeper music. I’ve been travelling around time (I enjoy “recycling” old songs). The last song of the set is “The end of it all” by John Tejada: I had to finish the set with that. Usually, I enjoy music that surprises me: I want to know “how” and “why” a producer took this or that decision, and chose that specific sound. At the same time, I need to feel a punchy kick and rolling grooves. Sometimes I can’t withstand cheesier sounds though, with loooong basses progressions, arps and strings.

Every song Damon Jee releases is a banger. For chillier music I really enjoy Ichisan. And most of the music being released on Nein Records. I basically try to radical pitch up and down every song I buy, to see in which other ways and context I might by playing it.

I think my sound and how it's defined is an ongoing process, but I can definitely recognize the impact some sets or musicians have made on me. The above mentioned set from Einmusik characterized the music I’d play and produce at the beginning. Another big push that opened me to other realms of electronic music was a set Dreems & Von Party played at a festival in France. In a similar direction, Ast & Pistol Pete awakened my memories of my life back in Italy.

I’m an active member of the party label Amphitheater.
We organize club nights, raves in the forests and built festival stages. I’ve been regularly playing those events, mostly together with other DJs from our label like Lulu Z, Hux and lately Nadara.

Though Covid19, I’ve been pretty lucky, having regular chances to play, mostly at private events, but also two festivals (Base Camp, Switzerland & Chat:eau, France). I’ve been using this time to speed up production: together with Thomas Steiner (Pulsaar), we produced 12 songs for our new live sets, released an EP on “Serafin Audio Inprint'' with Ilse and produced a remix for “Schall & Lauch”. As Ilse & Baerg, there’s a release coming December 11th for “Magician on duty”. Some more songs are on the pipeline, I’m optimistic about releasing more in 2021.

I really wish that for everybody, the Covid situation to get better as soon as possible, there’s a lot of energy and good people around, I’m looking forward to being able to meet my friends without worrying.


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