PAURRO (Announcement)


Radio host, booker and in-demand DJ and producer, Mexico City's Paurro is a guest we're extremely excited to host.

From sitting in her mother's car listening to ABBA, to travelling to NYC, Detroit and Bogota and discovering new sounds, Paurro's influences are vast and she's put together a mix of solid favourites and forgotten gems.

I was born and raised in Mexico City.
The first memory I have is being in my car with my mother listening to Abba, she was a huge fan and I guess that’s why I use at least one disco song in every set. I can't run away from it...

I started DJing 8 years ago when I started hanging out with a bunch of DJ’s but no one would teach me. All the DJs I used to hang out with were males and they didn’t take me very seriously so the main motivation was to prove them that I was serious about it and that I could do it even better than them. I guess I became a bit stubborn about it and took proper classes to learn. In time, I realized that it was not about competition and that each DJ has its own technique and style.

First, I started playing nu-disco and pretty much what all my friends were playing at the time, but then I realized if I wanted to become more serious I was going to have to do my homework and find my own sound. That’s when I started experimenting with more genres like Italo, breakbeat, techno and mostly, house.

Every DJ has their own personal DNA...
Even if the genres you play change or the music you are into is different than when you start playing.
I think a defining moment for me was when I first went to NYC and to Detroit, experiencing those scenes empowered me to experiment more with different genres and take risks in my sets because I wanted to be a part of those scenes one day. 

However, every trip I take inspires me, recently I went to Bogota and that also showed me how amazing the music is all over Latin America, I felt very proud of what we are showing to the world.

As a DJ you have to keep finding new music.
You have to keep your sets fresh but also learn and challenge yourself. There are some amazing songs that get left behind so this mix has songs that I love and used to play a lot but that I had forgotten about. It is a small retrospective through my journey as a DJ and I am very happy that I rediscovered this music!

If a track matches my vibe then I would dance to it. If the rhythm gets me then I’m taken.
Octo Octa and Eris Drew are my favs right now but I also really like Stefan Ringer, Wakeed, Toribio, Turtle Bugg, Shanti Celeste, Fatherhood and Avalon Emerson

I am aIso into Iots of Latin American musicians and my favs are DJ Fucci, DJ’s Pareja, Bad Sista, Siete Catorce, Dany F, KodemuI and Verraco

At the moment I have 2 radio shows.
One is called Femme Soul and it airs in Aire libre FM and the other one is called Carmesi and it airs in an app called YO

I used to have a monthly residency in Soho House in NYC as well as one in Departamento in Mexico City so I hope I can do that again after the pandemic is over and I was planning my first tour through Europe, hopefully next summer

I’ve just released a remix for Amy DougIas’s singIe caIIed Two Tribes. I also have a release of my own coming out before the year ends on this small, but very cool IabeI called Discos Sentimiento, very exited about that!


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