Alyssa Beers (Announcement)


Starting with crude mixtapes that they played back over and over again, the Chicago-based DJ now plays anything and everything that inspires them.

For SR0053, they've put together a mix featuring everything they're into, or their own words '- what I would love to hear out at a chill-out room alongside a club night or in the morning after a techno set or whatever.'

I’ve always been a shitty little wide-eyed antagonist...
...and that carries into my musical taste and style. As a kid I always had a tape in the deck, smashing the record button when the radio played Primitive Radio Gods or White Town, making crude mixes to playback to myself over and over.

What got me started as a DJ? Recognizing that all forms of music have a time and a place, surrounded by supportive friends who were down to rock to Rod Stewart and Player during my first few after-dinner sets. They just let me be me, and that’s all I’ve ever been good at.

I’m inspired by everything:
Bright colors, guitar solos, the patterns that are made with bricks, clown outfits, my talented community. Just trying to accept things and be in the moment, be who I am and own that space, continually getting tooted up by finding out anyone is enjoying what I’m doing.

The mix for St. Romain was originally for a livestream I run called Mirage. It was supposed to be an “in real life” counterpoint to club nights, a day event that was really about cultivating a musical zone. This specific one really felt special, maybe it was the lava lamp I had running at the time. I’m always looking for something that sticks out in the track, something memorable; a unique sound, a strange sample. This mix includes stuff from Coyote, Purr, toiletpaperdave, Legion of Green Men, and some unreleased shit I made with my ultra-talented partner Wav Fuzz. Basically just a roundup of what I’ve been into recently, what I would love to hear out at a chill-out room alongside a club night or in the morning after a techno set or whatever.

I had a little a-ha moment where I realized DJML was behind many musical projects and message boards and whatnot that I’d been following, can’t recommend his tunes enough. Been digging back into the old Electrolux catalog, some freaky downtempo stuff there like Babel and The Sushi Club has been really revving me up.

Residencies and Newsletters...
I was doing Soft Machine with Justin Aulis Long in Chicago- we were about to host the ultimate Russell E L Butler before covid hit, we’d had the legend Mike Huckaby before his extremely untimely passing, and Interstellar Funk etc. I always opened those and kind of love that slot. I get to play whatever the hell I want and when I’m done I’m always passing off a primed crowd that’s ready to rip. Oh, and Mirage has an email newsletter you can subscribe to, where we share music we’re into, and upcoming streams we’re hosting if you want to join us there.

Coronavirus really cancelled 2020 for most of us here in the states.
Mirage has been the thing keeping me going, tying me to something that feels real and timely and carries me through until I can get out there and play music for people in person. I’m going to be participating in really cool multi-day stream event in November that isn’t announced yet, so follow me if you want to hear about that.


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