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Based in Seoul, music lover, record collector & DJ, Jaezae AKA Tucan Discos, grew up on a diet of hip-hop, funk, soul and RnB music before discovering garage, house, and minimal techno during a six-year stint as a fashion student in Paris.

For SR0052 he's provided us with a mix full of his favourite soul, jazz, hip-hop, reggae, downtempo, and house tracks.

I’m Jaezae, a DJ & record collector based in Seoul, South Korea.
Also have another name called ‘Tucan Discos’ that randomly selects and introduces world music from my collection, and throws a party sometimes with this name in local places.

I grew up with 80-90s old school Hip-Hop, Funk, Soul, RnB music, and I focused on Electronic music like Garage House, Minimal Techno etc when I lived in Paris for about 6 years as a fashion student in the mid-2000s, and I naturally came across African, Caribbean music during this time. So, the music that I loved at all of these times has a great influence on my current musical way.

I got start Djing through a friend who is an owner of a local record store named ‘Clique Records’.
He knew that I was collecting records of various styles and countries and asked me to play in his store, and I started playing records there regularly like a residency.

As I look for records, and I find tracks that feel like I like, I get inspired by those tracks that are new to me. When I listen to such tracks I have a pleasant imagination of trying to combine a mix with this style.

I react more to ‘beautiful’ sounds than to ‘cool’ sounds. It’s a cliche, even if I play a track that’s not well known, I’d like to make everyone think it’s such a beautiful track when they hear it. So I spend a lot of time on record digging, and I always look for a track that meet these criteria. It’s my style to combine these tracks to create a beautiful story.

I recorded this mix with my favourite Soul, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Downtempo, and House tracks.
As always I do, the emphasis is placed on making various tracks feel like a single track, and being able to listen comfortably for everywhere. I love to put some Korean tracks into the mix, I put 2 beautiful Korean tracks in this time.

Monsieur Gilber’R is an artist I'm loving right now. When he came to Seoul for a gig, I danced completely crazy from start to finish while listening to his 5 hours set.

I’m working on a communication about the Korean records market with Discogs...
...at the suggestion of a fellow DJ (he's also working with me). I'm also working on buying records and setting musical gears for a local music bar named ‘Lost Seongsoo’, I am regularly playing records there like the residency. Only playing with vinyl at this place, I mainly play chill vibes tracks suitable for the music bar.

Everyone has had a tough time with Covid-19 over the past year. The places to be able to play were down with the situation that many clubs closed and festivals and events canceled. But I am fortunately working in the musical field. We don’t know when it will get better, I have a plan to release some edit tracks officially, and to prepare a radio show with my girlfriend ‘Taelyn’ for the next year, so look forward to it:)


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