Nina Indi (Announcement)


Alongside her residency at Minsk's Modul art platform, Belarusian DJ and producer,  NINA INDI was invited to take part in Jägermeister's SAVETHENIGHT campaign and has releases on a number of labels including her latest EP on Intercept Records.

Expect leftfield techno with a splash of acid and a healthy dose of breakbeat.

Hi guys! I am from Minsk in Belarus.
I’ve been a music lover since childhood and have always listened to different artists: from Queen and Aerosmith to Moby and The Prodigy and so on. I would also listen to classical music. I've liked the club life since my adolescence and always wondered what was happening beyond the DJ console. Over time I got to know different DJs and that led to me studying and writing music and, of course, mixing it. I began performing in 2013. My musical tastes evolved rapidly. When I started playing compared to now - these are two different Nina.

My sound is determined by my mood at that time and depends on where I am.
In general, my music is totally connected to my mood and you can understand what state of mind I am by the way I play. I love big stages (clubs, festivals), although I started playing in bars and sometimes play there as well. My inspiration these days is my daughter, she gives me everything that I need.

Recently, I like music with elements of a break beat and that's why I have it in my mix for St. Romain. There is no single formula by which I am attracted to tracks. It's just some kind of musical magic. I know that if I like a track, then I listen to it not with my ears, but with my heart.

There are a lot of producers who are worthy of attention at the moment, but those who recently caught my attention are 5zyl , Nite Fleit,  EJECA , Denham Audio , Radio Slave.

Unfortunately, this year has been very difficult both with COVID and in our country.
I think we will change dramatically, for the last year and the next one, I am only planning to write music. I really want to develop this as while I have been able to perform it hasn't been as often as before. I recently had a six-track release on Intercept Records, you can check it out!


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