Agrabah (Announcement)


For our fiftieth show, we're excited to welcome Agrabah. The DJ and producer based in Curitiba, Brazil began her journey in rock bands before being drawn to the wide spectrum of electronic music.

Influenced by 'the golden ages of the 70's, 80's and 90's' her mix is full of versatility and never stays in one lane.

I was born in a small town in the state of São Paulo...
...with about one hundred thousand inhabitants. At the time when I was a teenager I listened to a lot of rock n roll, metal and post-punk, but since I was a child my father has always listened to Rock 60's, Soul and Disco Music .. he also liked to make the musical selection of some dances in the city, but he never dedicated himself to it. My neighbor at that time and also a great friend of mine was responsible for introducing me to electronic music, through Eurodance, which was the style that dominated the city in the 90s.

After I turned seventeen, and especially when I moved to Curitiba, my musical taste evolved ... The passion for Brazilian music, discovering pearls that had been lost over the years became my favorite entertainment. I always liked to research bands and music. When I listened to a lot of metal, I always went after new bands and bought CDs in São Paulo then recorded them for people in my city to hear. So this passion for music research came from a very early age. At the same time, I trusted my musical taste hahah, no matter how strange it was, the songs touched me in an unusual way ... and I always believed that if a certain song touched me, it could also reach other people in the same way. This is where it all started.


DJing was a new universe for me.
In addition to my passion for musical research, my fascination with experiencing great moments on the dance floors, made me start to think more about DJing. At the time this happened, I was studying for a doctorate in Economics. I decided to give a complete transformation in my life, and I threw everything up to dedicate myself to music. Despite having been a member of rock bands as a teenager, DJing was a new universe for me.

I believe that having been part of the dancefloor for a while helped me to know the energy that people wanted to receive, in addition to trusting in the power of the songs that I collected.

Just before I started DJing, my curiosity about the world of music production came. Being able to produce my own sounds was a wonderful thing for my being. I was able to break free from the many thoughts in my head when I immersed myself in music production. Then I saw people dancing to my own music on the dance floor and the realization started to get bigger and bigger.


I think the golden ages of the '70s, '80s and '90s provided the most glorious moments in music...
...and gave the main tools for the sounds we know today. I'm really homesick for that sound, particularly I love to rescue the styles that prevailed at that time, like Disco Music, Italo Disco, New Beat, House, Garage and Break Beat, and resignify them for today's tracks. I am passionate about bringing these styles back, and showing the public something "new" but that has been lost in the past. Of course, today's technology is in our favor, and we have wonderful sounds being created all the time. But I am still devoted to "oldies", even in my own music production ... I like mixing with a more old school aesthetic, nothing very shiny and transparent like today's sounds.

One of the artists who most inspire my work I believe is Alkalino, he manages to resignify the sounds very well. I really like the work of the Toy Tonics label, and also the new synth / space Disco wave that has been coming with everything in recent years like Iñigo Vontier, Terr and Alejandro Molinari. My passion for House Music is due to the sounds of guys like Todd Terry, Darius Syrossian, Bob Sinclar, Cinthie, Rogue D, Fred P ... in addition to the classics Culture Beat, Inner City, Crystal Waters,

Bomb the Bass, Egyptian Lover, Newcleus, Man Parrish along with all street dance and break culture are the main inspirers for my studio work. With the resignification of today I really admire the work of the new generation of artists like Kettama, Mark Blair, Patrick Topping, Mark Laird. They're the main references for the tracks that I have produced.

It is difficult to highlight the main artists that inspire me because each style has a different responsibility for my fascination .. the list is long, but besides those that I mentioned, there is the iconic Maceo Plex/ Maetrik who was one of the guys that influenced me to start playing and to produce.

What strikes me most about a track is when I find something unconventional in it.
I pay close attention to the bass and the groove of the track, for me these elements have to sound good in the face ... when the bass is in the background, the synth has to be ripping.

I think what stands out in my sets is the plurality and versatility of styles, I like to break the linearity .. I think that when something starts to become very uniform, it starts to lose its grace.

Who excites me right now? Alkalino, Kettama, Mark Blair, Djoko, Pangea, Running Hot, Millos Kaiser, CC Disco, Terr, Dan Shake, Dennis Sulta, Dj Pierre, Radio Slave, Lipelis, Good Block, Mr. Mendel, hAAi, Demuja, Bell Towers. As you can see it's a mix of everything haha

As a DJ I played in some of the great festivals here in Brazil... the Adhana festival with the "gatopardo" nucleus which I was part of for more than two years. I've played at many Brazilian underground parties in the cities of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba, Florianópolis, coast, interior of the states ... Now I am a resident of a label called Covil, aimed at the LGBTQ public, which promotes great freedom of expression, representation and Underground resintence.

As a producer, I have already released work on labels like the Australian Clipp.Art, for which I received support from artists like The Blessed Madonna, as well as on many national labels like Gop Tun, Gatopardo, Gold Dome, Trip to Deep, Chaos. Next month I have a release scheduled for the Indian label Filth Inc with two unreleased tracks that are well geared to the dance floor,

In addition to my Agrabah project, I also have a duo with Caio Schmitz where we explore Disco, Boogie and World Music more deeply, the project calls Caju. We launched by "Sexy Dinossaur From Outer Space" from Berlin, and by "Ginga Records" an original mix recently, and we have launches scheduled by "Bongosynth" here in Brazil. Through Caju, we were able to explore the concept of edits, which is something that fascinates us, being able to rescue in a closer and real way everything that influences us.

The pandemic luckily brought great results for me, in a professional sense.
I was able to focus much more on musical productions, and more in-depth research. I managed to finish an EP with two tracks, and 6 more tracks during that period, something unimaginable a year ago. I established important networks during this time as well, I believe that when activities are resumed here in Brazil I will have a much more solid foundation than I had before.

Next year I intend to leverage a tour of Europe, it would be wonderful to exchange a little experience with you 🙂


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