Tazmania (Announcement)


Birmingham-based DJ, TAZMANIA has been featured by Rinse FM, Foundation FM and Reprezent Radio and for SR0049 she brings a mix of future beats, RnB and hip hop.

I'm originally from Handsworth, Birmingham.
I basically grew up on old school RnB, slow jamz & hiphop music. Aaliyah has been one of my favourite artists as long as I had a conscious mind. One thing I love about myself is my taste in music. I started DJing in 2018, when my boyfriend suggested I should give it a try. I always felt like I wouldn’t get along with the decks because I have an attention span of a fish lol but he started giving me lessons anyway (I was the worst student).

Shout to my boyfriend, Alex Naz, who also is a DJ/producer/events manager/dancer. @unpronounceable. I am part of 'The Unspeakable' & help Alex run it.

My music taste hasn’t really changed...
...at least in terms of what I listen to on a daily basis & what I DJ. It’s pretty much the same, over the past couple years I’ve collected a lot of edits of my favourite old school RnB & hiphop songs. I love UK Rap & Drill as well, Baile funk is always guaranteed in any mixes you hear of mine.

I went to my boyfriend's first ever J Dilla event that he ran in Birmingham & it was the first time I knew of somebody my age doing something like that. It was exciting & interesting. Since 2016 I have watched my boyfriend DJ at loads of events & gigs. In 2017 I started helping him organise events and sets, then in 2018 he taught me how to use the decks and how to go about DJing. He went out one day and I recorded my first ever mix without his help - I was gassed lol

What defines my sound? GOOD MUSIC
Outside of music I am domestic af lol. I cook & clean & do hella adult things. I was a supervisor at a street food place & now I'm currently a dental nurse so I am jack of all trades. I also design most of The Unspeakable release artwork & radio covers along with releases from our team. Graphic design was something I taught myself during lockdown.

I’d hate to ruin what's in the mix for ya haha, but there are productions from my boyfriend & producers I have become friends with on Soundcloud ! Millionz is currently one of my favs (he is from Birmingham, too) alongside Knucks and Dutchevelli, so expect to hear them in the mix !

I have been on Reprezent Radio, shout out to Shay Sade who put me on! Foundation.Fm, shout out to Kamilla Rose & Rinse.Fm, shout out to Jyoty!

I literally was dm'd by these beautiful woman to do a guestmix & was gassseddd to be recognised for actually being a DJ  lol



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