Pompélope (Announcement)


Paris-based DJs, IMR Radio hosts and party collective, Pompelope is a collaborative project featuring members of Limbe Records, SeekSickSound & Sour Records.
Known for their diverse influences and roster of guests, they've gifted us with a disco and synth-pop special for SR0048.

Tell us about the Pompelope collective:

François: I started mixing in 2013, with a controller at the very beginning and quickly after on turntables. I remember when I joined the crew, they already had the name “Pompelope” and this name had a special meaning to me because back in the days I loved the track Pump it Up from the Black & White Brothers (1996), my big brother listened to it a lot and it was one of the first house track I heard; so I thought it was a good sign to be part of this Pompelope gang! In the crew, each of us has his own taste in music and his own way to listen to music, to mix it, to share it. Those differences may be hard to combine sometimes in a coherent project (a mixtape, an event etc..) but in the end, it creates our identity. 

Clément: For my part, I come from Périgueux, next to Bordeaux. I started to listen to music mostly with stuff that made me want to mix such as Jean Michel Jarre or Mike Oldfield. Pompelope had two lives, the first one with Mathieu and Robin following their work with the blog All in Electro. Then we’ve all developed the shape of today’s collective in a bar (with very cheap pints) in Belleville.

Robin: I come from Lyon but I’ve been living in Paris for ten years now. At the same time as I started to listen to electronic music (mostly french touch), I started a news website and used to run some small events. I started DJing when I moved to South Korea for a few months, the scene in Seoul was just in its early days and I got the chance to meet a lot of local DJs, collectives, venue owners… I guess the virus spread in me, I shut down the website and then we started Pompelope all together. Couldn’t think of not doing this anymore!

Mathieu: As a teen, during the blog golden era, I wrote for Robin’s All In Electro as music was already a good chunk of my life. When I moved to London, I spent had the greatest nights out and started to really understand the impact of Collective in the overall experience: finding the right place, building the right line-up, and above all, gathering the right crowd.

What defines your sound? What inspires you?

C: I grew up in a french region where rave parties are common and also lived for a while in Germany and England, so I guess this had an influence on my selections. Apart from club or dance music I love to dive into ambient or IDM music.

R: Even though we could say that it makes Pompelope difficult to situate on a map of music, we all come from different musical backgrounds so it creates a variety of sound you can find both in our mixes or in our parties. We really like to explore different stuff, as we can as well be throwing classic house, french boogie, Indian bhangra or oldskool… In the end, what we love is spending time together behind the decks or on the dancefloor, and no matter what we’re digging at the moment, the main word is spreading joy and making people dance!

M: For every single party / online takeover / mix etc.. we simply ask ourselves: would I go there? Would I love the mood? We’re trying to keep it fun.

What’s in the mix and why?

C: We put together a mix focused on disco music, simply because that's what we enjoyed at the moment.

R: We’re trying to offer something a bit different each time we get the chance to do a podcast, or on our radio shows. This mix is a selection of disco and synth-pop tracks we discovered over the years, and represent a good aspect of what we can play warming up our parties. Personally, I always try to imagine a track being played in a club, and danced on, if I think it fits, then it’s a go and I put it in the basket haha.

What music or producers are really exciting you right now? 

F: There is a young producer in Lyon, Lekind, he makes house music the way I love it: powerful beat, groovy samples, and that’s it. He already signs stuff for Robsoul, and it’s a great guarantee of quality!

C: If I had to drop some influences as Pompelope I’d say you can probably find us between LeonxLeon, Barbara Boeing and Zaltan. They are all either huge influences or artists we respect a lot. 

R: The track ‘Lone Swordsman’ by Daniel Avery in memory of Andrew Weatherall literally blew my mind… absolute beauty! And pretty excited about Fantastic Man’s debut album out next month on mule musiq.

M: The first Fantastic Man album is indeed hyping me right now.

Talk about any club / radio residencies or shows you have?

C: We've travelled a lot through Parisian clubs but we've found our home in Le 9b and Le Gambetta Club where we play and organize parties on a regular basis. Concerning radio shows, we’ve got a residency on the beautiful IMR radio.

R: Paris scene is quite flourishing with a lot of collectives and DJs, and we feel lucky to have established some real connection with some of them, as well as venues. We really like the concept of residency as it allows us a lot of freedom in the artistic direction, and keeps pushing us to build a small “family” around Pompelope, event after event.

Tell us about the last 12 months / the next 12 months.

F: During the global lockdown we created the Pompelope online Takeover on IMR radio. The concept is to invite and reunite 12 artists around the idea to re-create the musical atmosphere we are looking for at an open-air event. We had artists that we couldn't afford real events, and we were both honoured and surprised that they accepted our requests. We enjoyed a lot making those web-events and are working on the 5th edition happening on the 31st of October! 

C: Despite the current situation we’re also working on ways to still express ourselves and our music at physical events. We are working on a diggers session with Cadence Paris and an open-air that we hope to tell you more about soon. 

R: We hope clubs will reopen soonish, so that we can get our hands back on decks as much as we’d like to do. But in the meantime, loads of podcasts for our friends overseas, and dreams about some foreign gigs in the future...

Anything else we should know?

We love to play pétanque while drinking pastis. And if you happen to be in Paris one day, we’ll probably be at Le 9B, waiting to share a drink with you.


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