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Born and raised by the sea in North East Scotland on a diet of punk and rock, Clonith Smidt started DJing whilst working in Northern Japan. Now based in Leiden, The Netherlands, he launched Creeled. What started as a club night has now expanded into a regular series of house and techno mixes hosted on their Soundcloud. For SR0047, Clonith brings a house mix with a heavy ethnic influence.

Born and raised in a sea-side town in North East Scotland.
My brothers played in punk and rock bands growing up so I grew up listening to a lot of that (and still do from time to time). I was also exposed to a lot of really great music from my Dad, who would also organise and DJ at Discos when he was at University and occasionally in Stonehaven where I grew up.

DJing for me started about 3 years ago after doing a weekly residency when I was living in a ski town in North Japan. After moving to The Netherlands in 2018, one of my best friends and I started Creeled.

Creeled started purely as a party.
The first one we did was in a former munitions plant just outside Amsterdam. The venue was the most eclectic we have hosted to date. More recently (pre-COVID) we have done several parties at local Amsterdam club, VLLA. Like many other club nights and music collectives, we have recently channelled our energy into providing weekly content and great music through our Soundcloud channel.

Every couple of weeks, we post resident mixes on our Creeled Soundcloud. It’s all within the house/techno spectrum but between myself and my two friends in the collective, we have a bit of a different style which makes it nice for our listeners.

I try to stay away from defining a specific sound for myself.
Maybe this will change once I get consistent with production. This allows me to search for music anywhere and ultimately discover, share and appreciate music from many genres and artists. I recently invested in 2 Reloop-4000 Mk2’s to provide a greater purpose for all the records I’ve collected over the years. It’s much nicer to get away from the computer screen at the end of the day and get lost in the music, rather than the Traktor interface.

As a musical diary/nostalgic backlog for myself, I try to get a mix out once a month, whether it’s a resident mix on Creeled, one on my personal account or simply as a guest mix. I always focus on making sure the mix has a good structure and flows well so spend a lot of time defining the tracks. This mix is primarily house with quite heavy ethnic influence. A favourite is dutch local talent, Tjade’s edit of Koi Jaye. I recently played this out at an intimate party in Germany last month which went down a treat.

Full tracklist:

Bufiman- News From the Treetops
Tunnelvisions- Tanami
Bigamo, Abrao- Too Late To Ganges (Red Axes Remix)
Betamax- Perkunas (Tyu Remix)
Anunaku, DJ Plead- Clap Clap
Mulya- Frisco
Tjade- Koi Aye (Edit)
Ekkah- Given Up On (Alan Dixon Remix)
Swoose- Musa
Tour-Maubourg- Duophonie- Club Mix
Nasser (US)- Apart (Sam Goku Remix)

Label of the year for me is definitely Permanent Vacation...
...with my favourite release being Hammer and James Shinra’s Navigator. But many more worth checking out. And favourite artist at the moment has to be Red Axes. They have such a unique sound and are so creative with their productions and edits. I recently pre-ordered their Trips #3- India which I’m super excited to hear!

Before COVID hit down hard on the clubbing scene, we were throwing a party every few months.
We flew a friend of mine and his Djembe over from Scotland to do a collaborative performance with us when we were DJing. As I mixed in Red Axes – Phu Quoc he drummed in full black body paint and blacked out lenses. For sure one of my highlights since starting Creeled. We are currently reviewing options for the party direction of Creeled in the coming months and focusing most of our attention on strengthening the brand and getting talented artists to do a guest mix for us once a month. You can check these out on our Soundcloud channel.


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