Breeze and the Sun (Announcement)


My Other Side of the Moon label co-founder, Breeze and The Sun is a Mozambique-based melodic house producer and DJ, who started her early life studying and playing classical music before experimenting with electronic music.
Having travelled and lived in nations around the world she brings those influences to the table in her mix for SR0046.

I fell in love with music at the age of 6...
...when I started playing classical guitar and then entered the conservatory of Music. Since then, my music journey has never finished. I studied and love classical music, but I also started to experiment and get interested in fusing classical and house, afro, electronic. DJing was a way to experiment with the discoveries I was making in the world. And it was the perfect occasion to enjoy music with perfect volumes and in amazing atmospheres.

Where I lived has definitely influenced my style and my taste.
First, the Middle East and its alluring sounds. I lived in Tunisia, I travelled in Algeria, Palestine, Jordan .. I was fascinated by their melodies and sounds. Then Sub-Saharan Africa. Senegal, Côte d'Ivoire, Cape Vert, Mozambique, where I live now. The rhythms they have and the voices are hypnotizing, they are mystical. I got into afro-house and deep melodic house.

My original inspirations are Worakls and Nora en Pure, very different but with a melodic touch that I really like. In the afro house scene, I love Elfenberg’s and Oliver Koletzki’s productions, but I also got to discover and really like many of the African producers, like Enoo Napa, Themba, Moo & Jo, Fnx Omar. In the deep melodic house scene, my inspiration is All Day I Dream, the label, and all the artists who gravitate around it. I like their concept.

In my mix for St. Romain you will find a lot of melodic and afro house, our productions as well as some other great tracks in that style. And also a little surprise of a soon-to-be-released track with a great remixer 🙂

Good music and good people.
With My Other Side of the Moon, the label of which I am co-founder, we started to organize label parties, with the idea of bringing a different concept of music. We wanted to offer only good quality music, of genre-affectionate of house/deep house/melodic/afro house; we wanted to bring artists in line with our program from other countries; we wanted to be as much environmentally and socially sustainable as possible; only good quality drinks and people who came because they share these values. We succeeded, but then COVID hit... We are looking forward to continuing with this project!


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