Geoffrey LaRue (Announcement)


Burger-loving, Caberet-hosting, record store-working Geoffrey LaRue's sound is defined by a complete disregard for definition or anyone else's opinion. The Detroiter drops a mix of his current earworms for SR0045.

Tell us about you...
I grew up in the glamorous world of community theatre, was raised on Alf Clausen compositions for The Simpsons, and have been collecting/playing records since 2012. Have my tastes changed over the past eight years? No, they’ve merely expanded. As for why I started DJing? My hobby got expensive.

What defines your sound? What inspires you?
My sound is defined by a complete disregard for what other people want (although I do consider requests) and the scene I feel most connected to is the one in Written on the Wind where Lauren Bacall excuses herself for brushing Dorothy Malone out of her hair. My biggest inspirations are good haircuts and bad cheese, except on Thursdays when it’s the other way around.

What’s in the mix and why? What does it take for a track to get your attention?
The songs in this mix are there because I like them right now and there is no rhyme or reason for why a track gets my attention. Would I be lying if I denied paying attention to what gets played on the local egg shack jukebox? It’s possible!

What music or producers are really exciting you right now?
No comment.

Talk about any club / radio residencies or shows you have?
I stage a monthly cabaret that’s like opening the door to a Milanese broom closet while holding a vegan hot dog and catching a front row seat to CBGB having a naughty little tryst with Studio 54. I also work at a record store and am the music director for a Thai-fusion restaurant themed on Blade Runner.

Tell us about the last 12 months / the next 12 months
The last twelve months are in the past and the next twelve months are in the future. I’m told that that’s how time works but am open to alternative thought.

What’s something you want St. Romain’s audience to know about you?
Like Andy Warhol, I too enjoy the occasional hamburger.



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