Kornum & Karma (Announcement)


With a passion for disco music, the Danish duo, Kornum & Karma started their journey together making edits for their own DJ projects and now, eight years later, they've got a string of production credits to their name. Some of which include the sound of eating carrots and their coffee machine. Obviously.

We’re both from the world famous town Aalborg - currently living just north of it.
We started DJ’ing for more than 15 year ago, but didn’t meet each other properly before around 2012. I (Kornum) actually booked David (Karma) for one of my events for a disco set. This is where it took off. We had a common passion for disco music and wanted to make some edits for our individual DJ-sets and that was when our first ever production together was made. It was an edit of “Yarbrough & Peoples - Don’t Stop The Music” which is actually still available as a free download on our Soundcloud. Since then we started toying with some more original stuff and we’ve since met every week in the studio and now have more than 80 productions behind us if we count edits etc.

We had a common interest in disco music.
This is pretty obvious in most of our productions. Although we still consider ourselves just having fun in the studio and we have no defined direction when opening a new project. We just go with the flow and we’ve done everything from disco, to deep house, to jackin to tech. We are not really genre-snobs, but there is a common ground within the traditional house sound. We’re mostly inspired by sample-diggin and there’s only a handful of our tracks that don't contain some kind of sampling. Some of our inspiration sources are very different too though. David gets a lot of inspiration from tutorial videos, travelling to Ibiza and Kim gets a lot of inspiration from crate diggin tracks for the next set and gigging.

We tried to do a mix that covers the spectrum of all the different styles we like...
...so in an hour you get a bit of deep, soulful, disco and some techy stuff. So basically everything HOUSE 😉

It is a big cliché, but we try to pick tracks that stand out. Yes, everyone probably has this idea, and it is of course subjective to everyone what quality is, but 90% of the music that is released every week more or less sounds uninteresting to us. Of the thousands releases every week we buy maybe around 5 tracks give or take.

There are a lot of the heavyweight names within our own sound we dig, but we would rather highlight some of the new names that have caught our ear right now. One of them is the Swede Storken who had the track “Lille Vals” on Running Back last year. Probably our favorite tracks of 2019. On the more technical side, we really have close eyes on producers like Johan S, Jay Vegas and Angelo Ferreri who are some of the top beatmakers in our book. We would love to get our drums as bangin as theirs. And we fell like we have to mention the local talent in Aalborg (as well as our buddies): Pete Oak, Runge, Rasmus Vels, Niles Cooper, Notize, Beatchuggers, Sivesgaard and many more.

We’re currently in negotiations with the Amnesia 2021 lineup for a residency…
...no, just kidding. We don’t have a residency at the moment. We used to held a residency at Club Vesteraa in Aalborg, where we had our own “Kornum & Karma presents” night with guests like Dr. Packer, Fran Deeper and Ziggy Phunk. Now we’re busy with studio, Kim is raising two small daughters and David is building his own house with a brand new studio. We hope to get out more in 2021 (Please book us! 😉 )

2020 has been one of our slowest years production-wise.
When Covid19 hit and national lockdown we didn’t see each other for months and nothing was finalised during this period. Lockdown ended and we’ve actually been more productive in this short period and trying to catch up, so at the moment it looks like we have releases set up for the rest of the year.

The next 12 months look even brighter. With a newly built studio with club sound we aim a getting an higher quality in our sound and get even more inspired and hoping we can get back to gigging again (and some more) when this pandemic f***s off.

We have some pretty weird samples in some of our tracks.
One is of David’s coffee machine brewing another is us eating carrots and a lot more stupid stuff we did having fun in the studio. Another time we were out in a club to hear MK play and after the gig Kim went up to him (drunk as hell) asking for his secret to making those fat pianos… but as drunk as Kim was and as loud as the club were, we can’t really remember the answer. Marc… if you’re reading this, please write us… haha


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