SR0043: FICA

The Pittsburgh native describes her sound as ‘cheeky, bitchy, and feminine’ and after years of listening to indie music, she’s found her musical home in electronic music.

I grew up in Pittsburgh, and decided to stay here during this time to be close to friends and family. 
Pittsburgh is a very strange and small city with lovely people, Hot Mass, great food, incredible DJs and artists, and mostly important: tons of cemeteries. I listened to a lot of pop music and RnB as a kid; my first cassette was Britney Spears’ In the Zone. I started DJing because I had been making playlists for friends for so long and had been going out to dance, and wanted to be able to combine those two joys. I have only been taking DJing seriously for less than a year, so there’s still a lot of hiccups, but I am not a purist. My music taste has changed pretty drastically throughout the years. I definitely was someone who listened to a lot of indie music in college, but dance music is something I finally can connect with. I do like an occasional sad girl track though. 

A few adjectives define my sound: cheeky, bitchy, and feminine.
There are many times where I feel like I have to be more intense and sterile to be taken seriously, but then it wouldn’t be me. I’m inspired by my friends and the queer women/non-binary individuals before me and currently playing. My background is design and art history, so I am inspired by visual art, poetry, and film. I try to incorporate a lot of vocals or mantras into my mixes for these reasons.

This mix incorporates a lot of longing feelings, but in a fun way.
It has been hard to be alone during a time without touching, being close to friends, and especially without dancing. This mix has a lot of attention grabbing tracks for me; I love anything that makes my chest feel warm.

I focus a fair bit on my Italian heritage, so I have been trying to find a plethora of Italo house tracks, and to learn more about Italo house/disco than I already knew previously. Some music that has me excited right now:
Ciel’s – Trojan Horse
Roza Terenzi – Modern Bliss ALONA – R.E.D
ءانف FANA – Jin Jiyan Azadî

Anything that W00DY creates or mixes. Obsessed with this mix by Sydney Salt and everything Daisychain puts out.

The last year had been incredibly difficult now leading into the most difficult year.
I went through a lot of life changes and heartbreak, and now I’m doing it all over again with a revolution and pandemic underway. It is so hard to imagine what a post COVID world looks like. I hope more than anything to play in a nice warehouse with glitter all over me and to see my friends’ smile, laugh, and cry. Nothing is planned, but everything is being imagined.

I have grabbed a bouquet of flowers every Saturday morning (or sometime during the week if I’m working a Saturday) for the past 6 years as a gift to myself. I treat the music I listen to the same way; as gifts I am able to enjoy and want to share.


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