Born and raised in Thunder Bay, Canada on a diet of hip hop, pop-punk and then emo and metal, it took finishing high school to get swecoon on to the deep dubstep that he now plays across.

The co-founder of Thunder Bay collective, Space Bass, has brought a trademark mix of deep sounds coupled with a few grime and future bass gems.

Throughout my life my music tastes have always been changing.
I grew up listening to mostly Hip-Hop and Pop Punk as a child. Then as a teenager I was into the metal/emo music scene listening. After high school I got more into various styles of EDM playing all types of music from House to Trap to Dubstep, etc. Over the last couple years I have been mostly taking an interest into deep dubstep.

My friends and the music got me started as a DJ.
Back in 2010 I started transitioning my music taste to listen mostly to EDM. My friends got some performance controllers (tiny hercules controllers) that were just fun to play around with and practice at home. I was just my late teenage years/early 20s and thought this was a fun little hobby to play around with. No pressure, no crowds just goofing around. In 2014 I upgraded to a more professional controller and got my first gig playing a show at Black Pirates Pub (in Thunder Bay) with my friend that started DJing a little bit before I did. Since then I have been part of the scene here in town. Since then I got to play some festivals out of town/province and got to open up for a few artists on some of my favourite record labels.

My sound is defined by the deep, dark 140bpm bass lines and sub bass that is in the majority of the tracks I play.
I really enjoy the deep dubstep scene the most but I do like to go out to some shows in various other scenes. The metal/emo/pop punk scene of the Vans Warped Tour was a big part of my music influences throughout my life seeing that I went to that tour probably 10 times over the course of nine years. Lately my favourite scene has been raves in a forest-like atmosphere. Whether it is just a  small one on someone’s property or a festival like Shambhala. The vibes that radiate from the festival goers in an atmosphere like that are just the best.

The main thing that inspires me outside of music is going to the gym and working out. I feel extremely accomplished after a workout as I do after I just played a show or made a mix. Some other things that give me inspiration are my friends, family, colleagues at work, biking and cooking up some nutritious meals.

First things first, I start off the mix with a grime track by Strategy, Footsie and Cimm entitled Black Boxes.

This song is a song representing the Black Live Matters movement that has inspired millions around the world to stand up against police brutality and discrimination against people of colour. I wanted to put this song in right off the bat to get the message across during my set that I believe in this movement and that it is important to me to show my support. 


The rest of the mix you could expect to hear those deep dark 140bpm vibes that inspire me so much to listen and make mixes with this style of music. The songs that catch my attention are the ones that mostly have a little bit of a heavier feel compared to the softer tracks. Mostly any deep dubstep track could catch my attention if it is not insanely slow or uses what I call “happy sounds” (happy sounds to me are mostly the style you hear in future bass music). Most of the music I listen to doesn’t have anything that represents that style of music but sometimes I will find just a noise that reminds me of that style and it just turns me off from the track.


The music that really excites me right now are many releases from various labels I haven’t listened to yet. Lately I’ve been going through entire discographys on Bandcamp and Spotify of labels such as DUPLOC, Deep, Dark & Dangerous, Sub Garden, Gradient Audio, New World Audio, Banana Stand Sound, Navy Cut, Infernal Sounds, White Peach Records, Dank ‘N’ Dirty Dubz, Rarefeild, Deepnezz Audio and Abysmal Entities just to name a few.


My all time favourite producers is Truth and their label Deep, Dark and Dangerous is my favourite label.


The clubs that I played at are all in my hometown of Thunder Bay.

Most of the clubs here throughout the years have been concert venues that host more than just rave events. I have performed at Crock’s, Black Pirates Pub, NV Nightclub and Atmos. Crock’s doesn’t exist anymore sadly (seen a lot of great DJs and bands here), however, they merged with NV Nightclub for most of the concerts put on by bands. NV Nightclub is more of a Top 40 dance venue but has had some house and dubstep artists in the past that I have had the chance to open up for. Black Pirates Pub, Crocks and Atmos I have put on my own shows as well with other local DJs. Atmos is really the only club in Thunder Bay now to listen to all types of EDM music.


Some of the artist/festivals I got to open up for/play at throughout the years are: The Librarian, Smalltown DJs, Hunter Siegel, Distinct Motive, Abstrakt Sonance, Barely Alive, Bandelz, Love & Kindness Festival, Emotion Festival and Bring Your Love Festival of the Arts.


I have the privilege to perform on some radio shows such as Audio Vomit (Thunder Bay) and Dub City Steppers (Winnipeg) as well as having featured mixes promoted by Subconscious Events (Winnipeg) and now this one you are listening to from St. Romain.


The last 12 months is when I have had the opportunity to open up for Abstrakt Sonance, Distinct Motive, Barely Alive & Hydee and played for both 2019 Bring Your Love Festival of Arts (Summer Solstice & September Long Weekend) and Emotion Music Festival. As well as had those featured sets by Dub City Steppers and Subconscious Events.


Over the next 12 months I hope to find some time to learn how to produce my own music and I would really like to continue where I left off with playing those festivals again next summer as well. Also, I would like to just get to play more shows in town once the clubs can open back up after COVID-19.


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