Nakul C (Announcement)


Based in Pune, India, Nakul C was brought up on a diet of Bollywood and classical music. After finding hip-hop in his teens, he then moved on to progressive techno and house and for SR0041, he's provided us with a mix inspired by the likes of Boris Brejcha, BLOTand SEQU3l.

Born and raised in Pune, India.
As a kid, I use to listen to a lot of Bollywood and Indian classical music on the radio and as I grew up I was introduced to western music like hip-hop and pop. I started Djing in my early school days as I use to produce and write music for the local DJs.

For me, music has always been present and inspired me.
As I grew up I was constantly inspired by the artists and people around me. A few of my friends DJed and they inspired me to start doing it myself. My music has evolved to be groovy, melodic and full of feeling. New music always inspires me, as does nature, my surroundings and the people around me.

For this mix, I am dropping some of my favourite tunes.
I've included some organic tracks, as well as some that are more melodic and progressive at the same time. For a track to get my attention, it's all in the groove and while I'm inspired by many artists, I do look up to a few favourites like Sequ3l, D-nox, Boris Brejcha, and Blot.

In 2019 I released my music on multiple labels.
I've released more than 30 tracks on labels such as Trippy Code, Traum Techno Germany, Mode33 records, Take My Space Records, Re: sounds records, Awen Records, Melodic Deep India to name a few. I have been also been DJing in and around my city for a while now, playing at a number of venues and releasing a few guest mixes for multiple radio channels.

2020 and beyond.
Last few months have been pretty tough because of the COVID-19, but that doesn't stop us from making music. This year I have some good releases coming up on record labels like Arkhamra, Melodic Deep, Uxoa Dutxa and more.


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