Betty Rock (Announcement)


With recent mixes for Noods Radio and Balamii, Betty Rock is carving a path packed full of energy and empowerment.
She recently launched Vixxen, a project that showcases the beauty of Black music, mixes, Black lives Matter sources as well DJs from around the world and we're excited to have her join us for SR0040.

I’m Sudanese and Kenyan but moved to England at a very young age.
As a child, I do remember listening to 60s, 70s and 80s soul and jazz music my mum used to love playing out loud and I still listen to them till this day. After years of hearing major pop and R&B music from the radio and with friends, when I turned 17, my music taste changed to listening to bands like 1975 and others. I then turned to underground music the most as that is what attracted me. I discovered the rawness of music not heard by many and this is what inspired me to expand my music taste. I’m always doing something besides DJing which is studying Architecture and modelling.

My love for music and seeing the lack of female DJs pushed me to get into DJing and to support the female DJ movement. Recently, I launched a platform called Vixxen which is a project that showcases the beauty of Black music, mixes, Black lives Matter sources as well as having a group of DJs situated from around the world.

Originality and experimentation are what define my sound...
...and I would say that literature and fashion inspire me too. Reading and watching various sources that showcase art and culture are also other means of inspiration.

This mix consists of various genres that go well together in my opinion and I tend to mix sounds that are full of energy, empowerment as well as a message that’s worthwhile knowing about. A track with passion that helps one feel better and motivated about life tends to get my attention and I love including such sounds in my mixes.

Right now, Pierre Bourne is a producer who’s really caught my attention in what he produces as well as the music artist HAWA. Although Pierre Bourne is well known for his craft, his energy-packed tunes are what keep me going and HAWA is an artist I recently discovered and her tracks need more recognition. She’s super fresh.

The last 12 months have been full of surprises.
I have learnt a lot and I am still learning so I am grateful for what has happened in my life so far. In terms of the next 12 months coming, I am looking forward to seeing what else is lined up for me. I am looking forward to more growth and more exciting experiences. I have been featured on Balamii (Warmth) as well as Noods Radio Bristol which I enjoyed being part of so my plan is to continue working with radios and providing mixes that others would enjoy. Having my own show would be amazing as I recently launched Vixxen as a collective of DJs showcasing the beauty of black culture so having my own show and collaborating with others, would help expand this exciting project.


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