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For SR0035, we dive into the mind of Denver based polymath, SAFIYAH. This mix will make you miss the club.

It 👏 Goes 👏 Hard 👏

I was born and raised in Oklahoma City.
It’ll be a year in August since I moved to Denver. As a kid my music taste was pretty broad, growing up I was exposed to lots of classical music, I started taking piano lessons when I was in 1st grade and I stuck with it all the way up to my senior year of high school. I was involved in Orchestra and choir all throughout being a student. It actually followed me all the way up to college until I decided to drop out lol. Besides being a total nerd growing up; my music taste outside of classical music was WIDE

I've always loved all types of music. I was really into Queen and My Chemical Romance, Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne in my tween years. In high school, I started really getting into voguing so I got deep into house music. I was obsessed with the east coast underground music scene. Which brings me up into college when I started partying and stuff. I met my boyfriend in college. His name is DJ Zay and he’s located in Oklahoma City (OKC) and of course, I fall in love with the DJ 😂 ... why does that always happen? IDK I have a thing for musicians but DJs are just the coolest, hottest ones, so yea I'm cheesy...

When I decided to take a break from school, I really missed making music, but I was totally bored and turned off by the classical shit. I was taking 5 music classes and had no time to focus on myself or actually do what I love; appreciate music. The music that I enjoy outside of school.

I was able to make music without thinking.
My boyfriend and his friend Austin Scott are a part of a group called Digital Cowboys. That was my first affiliation. They were rocking all the house college parties 2016-2018. I was so inspired by them and just seeing black people created a space for other black people to have joy and freedom in a state where it seems like our existence is a problem really inspired me. Soon I started learning how to produce music through Austin. He taught me everything I need to know when it comes to production. I owe all the credit to King Scott. That man turned me into a star and I’ll forever be appreciative of that.  

I decided to start producing beats on my own laptop using Garage band with Austin's help. Producing really helped me fill that void I was missing being away from making music at school. I instantly fell in love because it was the first time I was able to make music without thinking.

During this time I wasn’t confident enough in myself to try DJ yet but my boyfriend really pushed me in the right direction and helped me gain enough confidence to get behind the decks. So a couple of months later my boyfriend had me on the lineup for a show in OKC so I had no choice but to just go for it. It was the start of my DJ endeavours haha. Of course, I fell in love with DJing and producing really quickly, but I still want to go back to school eventually. I just know what I want to study now so it all works out beautifully. 

Just take the wheel.
Due to my experiences and looking back at it, it really motivates me to get other women and people like me who want to start producing live music and don’t know where to start to just go for it! Just take the wheel! There’s no need to seek the approval of anyone in order to start pursuing something even if it’s in a cis male-dominated field. Although it’s hard to find comfort in doing something that’s not necessarily “normal” for a female to do; it’s so vital that we start doing things on our own. I want to create a space that comforts femmes so they can thrive UNAPOLOGETICALLY! Men are always gonna hate on it because they're jealous. They’re jealous that we’re way better at everything we do than them and that we can look cute while we do it too! Life is too short to procrastinate and sometimes you just need a loving push to make it happen for you!

I want to create a world where I can just be - with no boundaries.
I've only been DJing for 2 years but I will say I've gotten a lot better at executing. A lot of beautiful things in this world inspire me, but I would say what inspires me the most is the concept of afro-futurism. I strive to create that for myself. I want to create a world where I can just be - with no boundaries. That's why I like to stay in the digital realm. We’re not too far away from Afrofuturism. The system is breaking as we speak. I’m just afraid I’ll be too old when it happens and that I won’t be able to fully enjoy it. I’m just creating the world I wanna live in for now.

I like any scene that’s welcoming enough to appreciate everything with no boundaries. I would say the OKC underground DJ culture is pretty fucking cool and rare to see. I feel like the scene is always there but it’s rare when everyone comes together and when it happens it's magical.  I love the Denver scene because everyone is so nice and welcoming. I'm affiliated with a group in Denver called HCP (Human Cluster Project) known for throwing the rarest parties in Denver & I love my team full of amazing people always down for the get down. <3

The tracklist:
Eric Donte- A Wig Is Born prod. DJ SWISHA
Peachlyfe- Reality Is a Hallucination
Morgan Wright- Other Side of Town
Objekt- The Goose That got Away
Bby Kodie- RUN DOWN
Green Velvet- It’s All About Me
Leonce- Arpjam916
Suzi Analoge- 2 DEEP ft Jungle Pussy
Rosko / Bakongo- Paz Dispenser
Techno Allah OGBABI
Peachlyfe- Culture is Nature
moist bread- Time Travel
NBR- Shoot it up freestyle
GAWD- 2 or 3
CANTBEYOURWIFE x ThePinkestBackwood - RBBBGBHB (prod. Pusswhip x Popstar Benny x Bazzi B)
elisi- summer at my moms type beat
Fan Tan - Dress Up (Murray CY edit)
Frontier Control [C.A.N.V.A.S.]
Deb4ura- ETHEA
Rune Bagge-I'll Hold You Slowly, Treat You Like A Trophy
Morgan Wright- Vexed (Darcy Baylis Remix)
Suzi Analoge- Theme Song Ft Jacks
Bergsonist- гололед
Green Velvet & Patrick Topping- Voicemail
Lord Pussywhip- Work
Hook- Wannabe
Ase Manual - Cochiloco (Feat. Marvelito)[Original Mix]
Hook- Alright
Hook-Stand it
Digital Nas- Hundreds

Why these tracks?
Bc u ain’t never gon catch me spinnin' no weak shit. A good healthy-sounding sub-bass gets my attention - when u turn it all the way up u can feel it in ur rib cage type bass. I’m digging a lot of producers rn, and as I've got time, I'm going to name them all:

Deb4ura ( )
Mutant Joe ( )
Uniique  ( )
SJayOffical  ( )
Suzi Analogue ( )
DJ Swisha  ( )
Kyleo Blue ( )
Morgan Wright ( )
Techno Allah ( )
Isabella ( )
Paris Aden ( )
Peachlyfe ( )


Shows, residencies and the future.
I've actually never had a residency but I had one in the works in OKC right before COVID so R.I.P to that... All the shows I’ve done; I got them by talking to and connecting with people. Making real genuine connections always makes collaboration way more worthwhile so anyone reading this should note that. I did a set for HALFMOONBK
last year and that was a dream. It's a black-owned internet radio station based in NY. I had so much fun and everyone who runs Half Moon is so sweet and supportive. I played a mix of tracks that my sister really liked since I had the show scheduled on her birthday! I decided to dedicate that to her. I urge anyone reading this to go check them out. I do have a few guest mixes out that I’m really proud of tho too: 

  1. RinseFM Miley Serious Invite 
  2. Bitch Mix 2 hosted by L4v4GRL
  3. AW/OA Guest Mix 039
  4. Fixed Rhythms Guest MixFriends n Family EP. 12

I also have a few projects in the works that will be released on my Bandcamp so be on the lookout for that.

Once festival szn is back in full swing I know I’ll be in Texas for sure. I love Austin and all my friends there. Nights that have really stood out for me would have to be when I played on August 13th at Bossa Nova in Brooklyn that was legendary &  I had so much fun. Shout out to small rave!! January 25th 2020 at coconut club, I played on the patio at the beginning of the night and the end of the night. I danced my ass off in the laser pit that night in between my sets. Shout out sillyhotdogguy.

I also got to meet L4v4grl  in person which was so amazing. I cherished every moment, that girl is truly one of a kind & is a beautiful soul. Love her to infinity! I also met Yung Mijita - One of Texas hottest dis right now. She’s on her way to the top I just know it and I can’t wait to work with her in the future. That's my rock!! 

My favorite show so far would have to be my most recent tho; March 14th at Rhinoceropolis playing alongside Miley Serious, Owner of 99ct Records, RinseFM resident, and killekill affiliate, It was love at first sight. Such an amazing person and has such an attractive personality! Definitely has a special place in my heart😭. Did mention that I danced my ass off during her set at Rhino? I was also spinning alongside WNGDU

I met Paddieh at a club in Denver called glow lounge. She was with the HCP crew. Dimitri was spinning and I could already tell we were gonna be friends by the way he was dressed. Dimitri is from France so it was really cool to meet someone from the other side of the world. Coming from a state like Oklahoma, it's always intriguing for me when I meet people from different places. I think it’s so beautiful how music can bring people together from all over. Me and Padideh clicked instantly. It was beautiful. I felt so alone at first being in a different city with no friends at all but after finding my crew I had a lil family 💜 If it wasn’t for Paddieh and Dimitri I would have no friends in Denver let alone friends on the other side of the world and all these cool opportunities!  Those are my angels. My family. I can’t forget to mention my girl Megan, owner of YesYesohYes music she IS the DJs DJ. She’s always putting me on to super rare tracks and every time she’s mixing I guarantee u I'm on the dancefloor throwing ass.

Last thing to say...
Thank you so much St. Romain for having me!  Black Lives Matter. I love everyone and everything. Don’t ever dim ur light for anyone. Let your beautiful energy heal the world and that’s all I have to say.


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