Andy Buchan (Announcement)


Hailing from Aberdeen in North East Scotland, DJ + Producer, Andy Buchan, also runs renowned club night, mix series and podcast, Rhythm.

For SR0033 he brings a diverse mix of music that has influenced his own sound and productions over the years.

I started by cutting my teeth in the local clubs.
I’m a DJ / Producer from the northeast of Scotland. I’ve been gigging predominantly in my home city as well as Glasgow and Edinburgh now for about 18 years. My first introduction to electronic music, as I’m sure is for many, was Pete Tong’s Essential Mix which I came across by chance in those days. I was instantly hooked and began looking deeper into the scene and as a result, I purchased my first set of belt drive turntables - KAM BDX 280s I believe.

I got my first break about a year after that in a local night club where I cut my teeth. The
residents at the time were a few years older than me and much more experienced so I
would usually warm-up or play to the bar downstairs from the main room. They took me
under their wing and I progressed to playing peak time slots about a year on from that point.

My sound has always been quite diverse.
I’m also a firm believer in playing music that is appropriate to either your surroundings or the time of night your set is. That has always had me digging that little bit deeper and ensuring I have tracks to suit any situation I find myself in. I think a good record will stand the test of time so I quite often select tracks off that basis. Will it still fit in my sets in the future or is it just something on-trend for example. I try to avoid the latter as much as possible. I also buy a lot of stuff for home listening like broken beat, nu-jazz and afrobeat which as I’ve got older this part of my collection has begun to grow a bit faster. I've also released on, 124 Recordings & Ship City Grooves.

The mix:
I’ve put together an hour of some of my favourite records from my collection from artists and labels I highly respect that have influenced my sound and my productions over the years.

The tracklist:
01 Brawther - GTFO! (MLIU)
02 DJ Steaw - Recipe 3 (Rutilance)
03 Mr KS - Rhodes (Djebali)
04 Cinthie - Chicago Is Near (BesteModus)
05 Quell - Lights Out (These Days)
06 Leon Vynehall - Brother (AUS)
07 Quell - Some Time (Ibadan)
08 Laszlo Dancehall - Gave Up (Man Make Music)
09 Malin Genie - Leavin (Soul Notes)
10 Brawther - Do it (Alt Mix) (Secretsundaze)
11 Samann - Lets Do it Again (Tsuba Ltd)
12 Bicep - $tripper (Love Fever)

Rhythm is basically my creative platform.
It’s a club night, podcast and until recently a studio share too. I hold my nights at The Tunnels on a bi-monthly basis alongside some great parties. Aberdeen’s scene continues to go from strength to strength each year thanks to a close-knit group working together. Spittal Selectors, All Night Passion, Monami, Rare, Majestik, Mirage, and Let It Bleed to name a few. I’m also very grateful to call these guys my friends. We finally have a good record shop in Forecast Records and Cultivate have filled the void of larger-scale underground events in the last few years.

What's Next?
Who knows what a post COVID scene will look like at this stage, it’s something very much out of our control for me. I’m sure whatever obstacles are presented to us all once this is over, the scene will adapt and overcome them. I’ve been quietly focusing on the podcast which is now in its 4th year and my productions in the meantime.


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