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This week we're joined South Korean DJ, Taelyn. Based in Seoul, she explores a huge array of sounds in her mixes and SR0032 is no different. Here she's inspired by Belgian rave, new beat and techno from the '80s to modern-day.

Expect the unexpected. You're going to love it.

Becoming a DJ was very spontaneous.
I was born in South Korea, and raised in a small city next to Seoul and currently living in Seoul. I used to spend my time alone because of my personality when I was a teenager and I liked to visit second-hand shops and collect records from people such as Quincy Jones, Luther Vandross, Jill Scott, Level42 - lots of soul music.

During my 20s, I started a part-time job at a vinyl music bar and when I wasn't working, I visited a lot of clubs located in Itaewon. Here, I found my own taste in music by listening to different genres. This passion grew when I decided to show the music I loved to the public and I think becoming a DJ was very spontaneous for me.

I would define my sound as a ‘Journey of past and present’.
The synergy that comes from new sounds and the old tracks is remarkable. I think it is my duty to spread the sound to the public that we have never heard before, therefore, I focus on digging for records and checking the latest sounds. I think this is a part of my journey and it inspires me.

This mix is inspired by Belgian sound.
For the intro, Pubilc Relation and NEON’s music are the irreplaceable artists that represent the late-80s New beat sound. New beat sounds are well known as 100bpm with heart beating sound. I would like to recommend a documentary named The Sound of Belgium released in  2012. This film is about a combination of Techno and Acid house and it shows the evolution of dance music. I have created this mix based on these vibes.

Nowadays, I am digging to Korean music.
There is lots of good music from the 80s and 90s. During 1970s, Korea still had a remaining taboo that came from a colonized era such as curfew, controlling mini skirts and etc. However, entering 80s, these suppressing cultures flipped into a free and open-minded culture, so lots of new genres and music appeared and the lyrics were also very open. You can now find a lot of genres such as Disco, Synthpop, Mellow pop, Ambient and even Avant-grade. The most popular artists are Na Mee, Jang Pil Soon, Kim Wansun. You will understand what I'm talking about when you listen to their music.

Over the past year, I think the Rave culture has grown and taken its place. In Seoul, Peggy Gou’s impact is huge because she made the majority of public realise that electronic music is not just underground music, but approachable and comfortable music. Last year, when HUNEE visited Contra in Itaewon, it was so crowded - I'd never seen so many people in a club.

Since the COVID outbreak, Seoul has been in a bad situation and a lot of clubs have been closed, but I am looking forward that we will all get better. I am about to start a radio station with DJ Jaezae (@TucanDiscos). The purpose of our radio station is that we are trying to speak out to the world of our existence and the people who are in a similar field.
We also want to spotlight the artists and diggers who are not based in Seoul. I hope you all tune in when it launches and that you stay safe.


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