Kommonwealth (Announcement)


Kommonwealth is the techno love-child of two lifelong friends from the South coast.

Separately, Sam + Callum have had a multitude of releases on imprints such as Rhythm DistriktBluFin RecordsMadtech RecordsToolroom RecordsContext Audio & Lunar Records and together they explore techno that features big kicks and percussion grooves.

“I fear not the man who has practised 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practised one kick 10,000 times.”
Bruce Lee

Kommonwealth is the Techno love-child of two lifelong friends from the South coast. We’ve been on hiatus for some time but have reopened the project folders and reignited our shared love of brain-invasive Techno. Separately, myself (Sam) and Callum have had a multitude of releases on imprints such as Rhythm Distrikt, BluFin, Madtech, Toolroom, Context Audio & Lunar Records. We’ve both held residencies in the small & intimate dance music scene that is Portsmouth, and also disgraced the decks of clubs such as MoS, Guarana Ibiza and Junk Club.

Their Sound
sound is 100% defined by huge kicks and percussive grooves. With Callum's background being D&B, and mine in House & Techno, Kommonwealth is the nonchalant mistress. The mix for St. Romain is a collection of some new/older records that stand out as having the ability to be pounding, yet rhythmically immersive. And of course, some proper leftfield bangers!

The Scene
I think the whole electronic music scene is exciting at the moment, as it always will be. As long as new ideas are being merged with the current scene, there’s always going to be something to get excited about. For me, Len Faki, and Roman Poncet are two staples that keep delivering the goods, as well as Amotik who is an absolute powerhouse of untz.

The Future
With our hiatus ending as Covid-19 started, we’ve begun to revisit some ideas we’ve had in the pipeline, along with some fresh originals & edits that we’ll be putting out later this year.


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