Yamaho (Announcement)


Hugely excited to have the half Icelandic, half American DJ, Yamaho, join us for SR0030. She doesn't play MP3's, she doesn't take requests, but what she has done is provide one of 2020's best mixes, celebrating her home country of Iceland.

I´m half Icelandic and half American.
I was born in Chicago but since I was three months old, I was raised in Iceland with my grandparents. My grandfather was a musician so there was always a lot of music in my house. He played the harmonica amongst other things so I´m no stranger to the polka. I started DJing because I would listen to music and constantly think about how songs would go together. That desire drove me to purchase two turntables and I haven´t looked back since. I have been DJing for twenty years and during that time I have accumulated sounds that I prefer and like to mix and make my soundscape. It is hard to describe but let´s just say I know what I am looking for in a song.

Two years after I got my turntables and after a lot of practice, I was thrown in at the deep end - playing at a small bar called Sirkus. That bar ended up being the number one spot to go dance and I became a resident until they closed. So that was the birth of Yamaho.

I like it deep and I´m all about contrast.
Soft/hard and building a bridge between those two elements. I like my sounds organic if that makes sense - Not too plastic. The only place that has really affected me and my sound was Berlin. Since I went there for the first time in 2002 and got exposed to the limitless creative journeys you can take in electronic music, it really shaped me and gave me the courage to explore further.

I decided to make this an all Icelandic mix to celebrate the Icelandic music scene. It features tracks by myself and other local talent. Some are old and some are new. The music scene here is truly amazing and I feel very proud to be able to present a small part of it. When considering a track I find that there is a lot going on in the music business and a lot of songs being released, so it can take some time to go through it all. A song has to have the ”it“ factor for me and in the sound realm that I'm looking for. Nonnimal, for example, has quite a few songs on the mix and Exos is the reigning techno King. Vector, ILO, Moff & Tarkin, to name a few, are also great.

How did I get into the club scene? Hard work.
I was the only girl at the time and really had to prove that I was capable. So I practised a lot and was very serious about my work. I wanted to get hired because I was good at was I was doing. I play a lot of old school house from New York, New Jersey, Chicago and Detroit. I love to mix those styles with more contemporary. It also depends on the venue. If I play at a club it's all more intense because I play more techno. The smaller venues I play house music. But, everything has changed after COVID -19. The clubs and bars that were open before will not necessarily be open this summer and in general, the club scene has really changed the last few years - At the moment we don´t have a club, just small venues around town.

COVID  has meant I'm not sure what's planned in the future - everything that was planned is now cancelled. But that has meant is that I've finally got time to sit down and start producing music again. So hopefully later this year I can share with you a long-awaited EP.


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