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SR0029: NATH

Not held back by a hearing impairment that means she can only use her right ear, NATH is carving out a niche in the Brazilian scene with her funk-inspired, sample-laced sounds.

Not one to be missed.

I come from a family of musicians who play a lot of instruments.
NATH is a music project born and raised in Curitiba, a city in the south of Brazil, just like me.  In my dad’s family, our greatest tradition was to sit around my grandmother at the piano during family meetings and each one played his instrument. My father always played the guitar and taught others too. I always found it difficult to learn things that involve music because I never found an instrument that sparked my interest in learning, even though I listened to a lot of music. In my mom’s family, there was always a reason to put the radio on and turn the volume to maximum (she is a good singer, as well), so I got used to listening many musical genres, from samba to classic rock.

When I was fourteen (in 2013) my dad encouraged me to learn an instrument by presenting me with a guitar. A few days later he died on a motorcycle accident. This event affected me a lot, so I couldn’t continue with the music. One year later my mom’s boyfriend brought their DJ equipment to my house (I didn’t know that he was a DJ until that point) and he offered to teach me so I could help him at his gigs. In the beginning, I was pretty discouraged because of everything that had happened previously, but I decided to try. Four years of learning still didn't make me secure to play alone at a party or something else and my teacher agreed with that - he didn't think that I was good either. So I started to attend these parties and look at how the DJ’s did it. In these places, I made friends who encouraged me to try to play somewhere, including my boyfriend who is also a DJ.

My first gig was at a charity festival in 2018.
I played for hours and it was one of the best experiences I've ever had. Someone who was at that party saw me play and called me to play at another party. That gig was terrible, I was very nervous because the house was full and didn’t even remember how to play. After that I didn't play for a long time, it was a union of my insecurity and lack of opportunity, during that period I studied a lot.

In my mixing, I really like making mashups, and that took me to music production, which opened many doors for me. I started making mashups and basic remixes, but soon I was doing tracks of funk (my favourite music genre). Now, I found my soul in Latin music. I like to describe my music as a mix of funk beats, tribal percussions and cumbia vibrations - that vibe can be found in my music production and my sets too.

After that, with a combination of mixing and production, my music project grew and I've had projects launch around the world. That really makes me happy, not just because I’m having my work recognized, but because I feel like I found myself in music, you know? Electronic music is the instrument that I didn't have access to choose when I was a child.

It took me a long time to find my musical identity.
I listen to funk and it helped me understand myself, it's a culture that is very much alive in me, but I still felt something was missing. In 2018 I went to Mexico City to attend a youth entrepreneurship convention, I stayed in the house of two traditional Mexican families. One of the moms used to listen to music, dance and sing a lot, she’s responsible for presenting me the tribal. Before travelling I tried to research a lot about the culture, but nothing compares to living there. It was a very important experience to define who I am musically. Like I said, my sound is a mix of the funk beats that I've listened to my whole life and the tribal pre-hispanic percussions and cumbia vibrations that my host mom presented me.

While I don't feel part of any particular scene at the moment, I am in contact with other Brazilian producers and DJs, but not enough to classify me as a certain thing. I really love the Latin underground scene, I think if I could be part of any it would be that, but I recognize that every scene has its good and bad music. The Brazilian electronic music scene has grown a lot and the demand has grown a lot too, but there are a lot of people who do this. It’s very difficult to be one of the main artists, as you need to know someone and preferably be a man, but I’m optimistic that this is changing little by little.

Inspiration for me is a very complicated subject.
A lot of things inspire me in different ways. At the moment, I’m inspired by the club scene, I think it opened my eyes to possibilities in music that I never thought of. If I was to say one person who has inspired me it would be the BADSISTA. In addition to being an incredible friend, she is a recognized DJ and producer who uses this mix of rhythms that I love so much.

As well as BADSISTA, my favourite producers are Tayhana, Lechuga Zafiro, Aggromance and Alfonso Luna. I love the particularity of their productions, the innovation and the different way they look at the same thing. My favourite song at the moment is Nara - Terapia. It appeared on my Soundcloud feed and as soon as I heard it I went crazy, I don’t know how to explain, it was just something that infected me.

The mix for St Romain is a combination of my favourite funk music, plus some other projects and songs that I’m listening to at the moment. I really like to look for particular sounds that make me feel something - at the moment I love organic sounds, so things like that get a lot of my attention. I like to see people doing different things with samples that have been used a lot. To be daring. I usually set up my mix to tell a story.


Team Oneself + Dual Tonali
Team Oneself is Morelia-based collective focused on hip-hop culture, afro-Latin sounds, future beats and electronic music, always incorporating visual arts and other artistic disciplines. Since its foundation in 2017, Oneself has worked with producers, DJ’s and designers from Mexico, Brazil and France, but always looking to work with talented artists from around the world. They found me after I released my first track Patricinha Empoderada. 

Dual Tonali is a creative studio founded with my friends Laura Fronza, JLZ and Tirado, who work with design and music production. independently. We started with Brazilian musicians, but one day we hope to serve more places.

It's been a busy year.
12 months ago I was taking production and mixing classes, with several ideas in my head but not necessarily concrete expectations for the future in the music field. It was in September that things changed and it gave me many opportunities to get where I’m now. The beginning of this year was decisive for my career. I played at a lot of parties, I launched a lot of jobs, and then the quarantine started. Now I just hope it ends well so I can resume DJ activities. Despite all that, I'm trying to get myself physically and emotionally healthy. In 12 months I hope that things are better, that I’m living in my own apartment and have released more of my productions to other artists.



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