Vhyce (Announcement)


In-demand Belgian DJ and producer, Vhyce joins us for SR0027, showcasing his new releases on Future Disco + Boogie Angst, plus tracks written with David Harks under their Rosa Ama moniker.

I’m from La Louvière in Belgium and as well as the music I make on my own as Vhyce, I have a collaborative project with singer-songwriter David Harks called Rosa Ama.

I started DJing because I got into club music, wanted to play the records I loved and I have been doing so for a few years. As a kid first three favourites albums were a James Bond soundtrack, ‘You’ve Come A Long Way Baby’ by Fatboy Slim and L’homicide Volontaire by d’Assassin. But my music taste is always evolving and that’s great. I feel I would be bored if I had to always listen and produce the same kind of music. But what is consistent is what I like in a track. Some kind of melody, some kind of groove and some feeling. Some kind of organic feel is important, usually not a clean sound. 

My DJ career started after releasing my first EP,  ‘Voivodine’ on the label Sweat It Out. After that, I started getting booking offers. I started as Vhyce after I spent a long time playing music with other people in bands and got more into club music. And I love the fact that you could everything on your own without having much equipment. Everything can be inspiring, even music you don’t like. I have a few examples in mind of songs I heard and didn’t like but gave me arrangements ideas. I’d also say I get some influence from cinema. Not only the images but the sounds.

My very first release was influenced by a film soundtrack and I think I always kept that. Outside of electronic music, I’m also really into the new albums from Tame Impala, Yves Tumor, Omar S, Sault and for club music new EPs from Space Dimension Controller, Dan Shake, Christia Kroupa, Renato Cohen, Jordan, Matisa.

With my music, I don’t especially feel part of a scene per se, but I do feel a connection with the labels I mostly work with - Future Disco and Boogie Angst. As I like most of the stuff they release and I’m always happy to get feedback from them on my music. I actually built the mix around my latest release on Future Disco, ‘Amour Cru’, and my forthcoming release ‘Lost On The People’ which is made with David Harks as Rosa Ama and released on Casablanca Sunset. Trying to find connections that made sense between those tracks and for this particular mix I went for something that you could listen to at home. It’s similar for my DJ residency on Belgian radio Pure FM. Alex Klimow, who runs the electronic music show liked my music and asked if I’d like to records sets for them. I play electronic music that you can enjoy at home rather than straight for the club tracks as it’s a radio show but that’s pretty open.

Talking of labels, I’ve just released a new EP on Future Disco called ’The Rainbow Overdrive’ that featured remixes from Renato Cohen, plus a track for a vinyl-only, various artists compilation on Demi Riquisimo’s label Semi Delicious called ‘With The Feelings’. Then this May I’ll be back on Boogie Angst with a new single with Yves Paquet called ‘Lose Our Minds’.

Last year we debuted Rosa Ama, my new project with David Harks, on french label Kitsuné and followed by an EP on Casablanca Sunset. Our next one ‘Los On The People’ is coming at the end of May and we’ll have a few other following thought the year.


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