Dunning Kruger (Announcement2)


He spent his early days listening to RadioheadSkunk Anansie and At The Drive In, before discovering trance at 17, then forming a love of garage in all its forms.

Now, Shane McNamara aka Dunning Krueger brings us a garage-influenced mix that features brand new tracks of his own, including an upcoming release on Waze & Odyssey's W&O Street Tracks.

Musical Theatre, Trance + Garage.
So I’m originally from Galway on the West Coast of Ireland but moved to Exeter in Devon where I grew up. I was one of those annoying children who singing and dancing all to time to likes of “You Spin Round” by Dead or Alive and Michael Jackson’s “Bad”, which got to a point where my mother needed to direct my flamboyant energy somewhere and started a 10-year music journey into Musical Theatre...which I loved btw!

This gave me a great music foundation as a child and then the older I got started getting into bands and playing the guitar, listening to the likes of Radiohead, Skunk Anansie, (Early) Muse, At The Drive-In. Then at 16/17 had my first taste of electronic music by way of Trance but it was when I was 17 I really got into electronic music because I was introduced to what is to this day still one my favourite genres, Garage and all its other forms.


Dunning Krueger.
I started Djing while I was at University mixing hip-hop and funk vinyl records although this was more for fun. I only really got more into it after moving to London and discovering it’s hugely varied music scene which has influenced a lot of what I play now.

My latest project Dunning Kruger is the culmination of the last 2 and half years of production as previously my studio was broken into and all my music projects were gone along with backups so had to start from scratch which was tough but ultimately a positive experience so just seeing where that journey now leads.

I also used to have bi-monthly radio show with my brother on Music Box Radio for about 2 years when I was in London. Since moving to Scotland I’m still settling in but started a Friday Instalive thing with the Stepback Records crew here in Edinburgh, which has been some much-needed fun.

The sunnier side.

I think my productions, my DJ sets tend to ride on the sunnier side of things. I’ve always loved a good outdoor party/festival and think that heavily influences my sound and is the core of where my inspiration comes from. This mix is the first opportunity for me to showcase productions that I’ve been working on and wanted to see how they worked with tunes I love and play out a lot, so it was fun to play around them and see how they sound.

The last 12 months have been focused on the production side of things, which has been great and finished and signed quite a few bits. So the next 12 months I have a few signed bits coming out, in the summer I have my debut EP coming on Waze and Odyssey’s Street Tracks label, a remix for Man Power and a single signed to Dawn State, then a few other bits I'm working on. It’s an exciting time. Because I’ve been quite focused on production, it’s only recently that I’ve started hunting for tunes and DJing again which feels good to find new stuff and artists. Really into Atjazz at the moment and just discovered Subjoi who’s Garage sound I’m really into. But whenever any of us get to play again, I definitely want to play out much more for sure.


Extra fact: I also work as a film director / editor and once directed and edited a music video for FaltyDL on Ninja Tune.



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