Rebello (Announcement)


Influenced by Lisbon's Kuduro scene and his own hereditary links to Goa, a former Portuguese colony in India, Rebello creates an energetic fusion of UK grime and drill, alongside uptempo beat music from Portugal's capital.


“You are already that person, just put yourself in that place”

When grime wasn't cool...
I’m born and raised in a multi-cultural corner of London called Wembley. My roots are from Goa, a former Portuguese colony in India, yet both of my parents were born and raised in East Africa. This cultural fusion is now heavily part of my musical identity and I try to bring together this sound along with what’s happening in the London rave scene. I’ve always taken pride in being myself, even as a teen, I would get dissed by my Asian/Black friends for listening to stuff like Blink 182, but I would also get dissed by my white friends for listening to Grime (back when it weren't cool).

I first started to DJ because my Dad would want to do the music for family functions and church parties. Them times I didn’t even have decks but we had a PA sound system. I would just play songs from my laptop but I knew which songs would work cohesively amongst one another and which would move the crowd. Eventually, after years of begging my Mum, I got a set of shitty DJ controllers as I started university in Birmingham, and that’s when I started to do more house parties and small clubs.

My cultural identity is a huge part of who I am.
I’ve realised over the years that it is my cultural identity that defines me and makes me stand out as a person, and I try to now reflect this in my music. Outside of music, I have a strong interest in Race and Identity and watching speeches by Malcolm X and Tim Wise has been a great influence to shift my musical identity to who I really am. I’m really inspired by the Luso-Afro scene in Lisbon, guys like DJ Marfox, Dotorado Pro and Branko - they’ve really nailed in terms of “being yourself” and they are loved all over the world for it.

In the mix, there’s a lot of Kuduro/Batida by producers from Lisbon. I’ve been listening to them guys for years but there’s a lot of it in this particular mix as I came back from a holiday in Lisbon late last year. There’s also some Drill and Grime by artists from the UK. I guess the mix is an overall fusion of what’s going on in the clubs that I’d be going to in London and Lisbon - as well as some weird random finds online.

At the moment, I think Nazar’s new LP is dope. I’m also looking forward to Noveilst’s EP with Shailan which he’s just announced. Georgia is so really cool but I wouldn’t know how to fit her music in my mixes.

It's all about planning.
The last 12 months have really just been planning for the next 12 months, but who really knows what’s happening now with the COVID-19 situation. I’ve got some cool down-tempo/lo-fi material that I’m ready to release and I feel like now is a good time to put them out as people aren’t clubbing. I was contemplating whether to put them out or not as it’s not really the type of music that makes me stand out, but it’s also amazing stuff that people should hear. All the songs are ready to release, it’s a matter of being strategic with it.


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