Heidenreich (Announcement)


The Berlin-based producer and DJ, Heidenreich, delivers a mix full of indie dance original and edits for SR0023.

I grew up on the north coast of Germany and moved to Berlin when I was 21.

Before I began DJing I used to make music with a crap drum computer and a guitar loop pedal. After a few weeks, I discovered Ableton and started to produce Indie Dance with influences from Psychedelic and Surf-Rock and stuff. The first producers I was very into were Manfredas and Simple Symmetry (I still love them very much).

After a few free downloads on platforms like Feinstoff (thank you, Thomas, for finding me!) and Sexy Dinosaurs From Outer Space (and thank you, Jeff, for supporting me!)
I then contributed to the compilation series of Sinchi Collective (Thank you very much Tom!) and a remix ep from the Albanian band Asgjë Sikur Dielli.

Since then I’m working on a few extended players I’m going to release this year.
I actually never wanted to be a DJ but started to mix for fun at home. Early this year I met Robert from a well known Berlin collective called Wuza - he invited me to play my first gig in one of my favourite clubs (that I don’t want to mention here, haha)

After a few gigs, I started focusing on playing as much as I could. Alongside the circumstance that I started having fun, I wanted to raise money for buying live equipment to work on a live set.

Then corona came - no nub.


What am I into right now?
As well as I still try to be part of my loved Indie-Dance scene I try to spread great music amongst the Berlin jungle of crap electronic music. (There are also a many more alternative and quality producers and DJs of course!)

Outside of electronic music, since I was 15 I’ve been a big fan of The Libertines.

Oh and don’t forget The Lemon Twigs! They made one of the biggest songs ever: Frank.

Frank is also a small face inked on my upper leg, haha.

Red Axes, Manfredas, Simple Symmetry, Local Suicide, Balam, Coobe, C.A.R., Thomass Jackson, Dombrance, Kino Todo, Whitesquare, Cosmo Vitelli, Fantastic Twins, Golden Bug, Theus Mago... I think the list would be endless if I keep on.

Bands: King Krule, Easter, Flavien Berger, Moon Duo, Soft Hair and roughly everything from Connan Mockasin.

I also think I have to mention my side project called Leggings here - it is a slowish Indie-Dance collaboration with my friend Dj Crémant.
Check it out: https://soundcloud.com/leg-gings-official


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