New Cultura (Announcement)


For SR0021 we're excited to welcome the Toronto-based tastemakers, New Cultura, who send us a mix from their resident DJ, JJJENYA.

New Cultura is a DJ Duo from Toronto created by Vanessa Francis & Rachelle Brown.
We met while in university together and realized that we had the same taste in underground music - namely Soulection. A couple of years later, taking note that people were always asking for music suggestions… In 2018, New Cultura was born. We began posting playlists to Soundcloud which received lots of praise. From then on, we decided to improve our craft by learning to mix. Seeing as there were no collectives who strictly posted themed/genre mixes, our mission was to create eclectic vibes of all genres to appeal to a wide audience.

While doing that, we’ve collaborated with many creatives worldwide. In 2019, we added Jenya (NYC based) to the team as our resident guest DJ because of his amazing taste in sounds which aligns with our vision. He curated this mix for St. Romain.

In the next 6 months, we plan on releasing a compilation of up-and-coming producers! We also plan on collaborating with more creatives to release guest mixes, as well as parties in NYC and Los Angeles. In the Toronto Area, we hope to start a monthly residency party.

We’re always looking to collab with producers & creatives! If you have any ideas, feel free to reach out by email at ( or socials!


From Jenya: I was born and raised in Ukraine. Back in the day before the internet became easily accessible, there was not much foreign new music on the local TV/radio. Eventually, this forced me to dig for more music that was not so popular among youth at the time. 

There is not a particular sound that defines my taste. Mixing music in my free time has always been a passion of mine.  Boiler Room live shows inspired me a lot just by seeing how underground music unites people. As a part of New Cultura, we love having listeners reflecting to our mixes from around the world.

There's a little of everything in this mix for St. Romain, mainly it’s uptempo edits and disco/house tracks. Overall there is no specific theme just a blend of new and old tracks that have funky vibes.  

It’s hard to explain but it should have some sort of aesthetics either in melody or rhythm. A Soundcloud bedroom producer making beats in the garage band can still sound great. Creativity is nothing more than just taking things that already existed and putting it together in a unique way. Place, time, and the person who I am listening with can make a big difference in my perception of a track.



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