Oisin (Announcement)


Dublin to London, via Berlin.
Oisin brings a mix full of fire to SR00019.

I’m originally from Dublin, but lived in Berlin for a bit and have now been in London working in music for the last 2 years. I’ve always been into all varieties of music and I’ve always had a real curiosity to discover new sounds. I love the kick of finding a new record that touches you in a certain way & sharing that. I had a great education working for Bodytonic in Dublin in my late teens/early twenties, surrounded by amazing local DJs and they booked so well that it really helped shape my taste and really pushed me to want to DJ. 

Now, I don’t think I have a definitive sound, but I spend my day listening to everything from Italo and synth-pop to breakbeat & minimal. I think that’s kinda reflected in my mix for St. Romain, although I tend not to plan my mixes really. I end up just stressing myself out, overthinking the whole thing and putting myself in a weird stasis where I don’t even record it, so anything put in is very much just a reflection of the music I’m really enjoying at the moment, such as Lauren Hansom, iona, Jimmy Rouge, Tokyo Fantasy, Z@p and Fio Fa.


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