Sukhmanee (Announcement)


Born in Thailand of Indian heritage, Sukhmanee travelled and lived across the US, before settling in Australia (for now). Every part of that journey shines through in her mix for SR0018.

Beautiful. Ethereal. Inspiring.

Living in New York started it all.
I was originally born in Thailand in the heart of Bangkok city. But a full Indian background, my grandparents migrated from India to Bangkok. At 19 I moved out of Thailand to pursue my studies in California, graduated and decided to move to New York where my love for Trance music started, attending my first Armin Van Buuren show to then meeting friends who were DJ’s that played underground techno music, and I was slowly exposed to other styles from deep house to psytrance. As I child growing up I was also drawn to Ghazal style of music which is Indian music that was instrumental and had a poetic essence to it. Until today it is still my favourite style of Indian music. I have been living in Australian for over four years. Being exposed to so many different cultures and people throughout my travel, I have a deep love for world and instrumental music specifically downtempo music. 

My passion for music really started when I moved to New York and being exposed to various styles of music and being surrounded by friends who were DJ’s and being friends with other musicians everywhere I travelled. I used to send my DJ friends tracks that I loved and they would use it for their mix. With my own friends always commenting that they love my music and was asking me to create a mix. Which has then slowly led me to start creating mixes which started about a year and a half ago.

Inspired by nature.
I currently have two different styles which I am slowly learning to infuse both of these styles together in a mix. A deep tribal ethnic sound with lots of drumming, that has a shamanic feeling to it to a downtempo style that are inspired by the sounds of nature, the elements of air, earth, water and fire. Including instruments from guitar, hang drum, flutes, sitar and drums. My sounds are a form of storytelling. The feelings and essence that can be felt through my sounds are poetic feelings that can transport you back to the Middle Eastern or just exuding the feeling of the sweetness, freshness, and playfulness and the innocence of a child. 

The mix is influenced a lot by Middle Eastern sounds from tracks from producers such as Sahale to Rapossa and sweet sounds of Nato. Tracks that get my attention are the ones that tend to include instruments such as flutes, drums, sitar, and the sounds of nature. Music that can transport you elsewhere, music that uplifts your spirit and makes your life a much sweeter place to be. 🙂 Because of this, my top favourite producers for the past few years have been Sahale, Nato, Toulouse, Rapossa and Yong Jai Kim.

Going forward I want to start learning music production. I play the hang drum and I would love to immerse myself with music and see where my creativity will take me. My intention for this year is to start playing at music festivals specifically outdoors festivals and including beach and sunset party is where I intend on Djing including in places like Koh Phanghan island where I am planning to move at the ending of this year.


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