King Monday (Announcement)


Choose a genre. He'll play it and not be defined by it.

King Monday digs into cutting-edge dubstep, genre-bending techno and bass that doesn't have anywhere to call home.

SR0017 is something special.

I'm inquisitive about sound.
I’ve grown up in Croydon and from my earliest memories have always had this inert curiosity for sound. I remember once running away from my parents once whilst we were out shopping and was found soon after mesmerised by a busker, I must’ve been about 4. From there I was lucky enough to be involved with a number of classical music experiences, from singing at the BBC Proms to performing abroad as a part of an opera company. I feel like these experiences subconsciously shaped me as an artist and influenced the way I deal with composition and performance now.

Why did I start DJing? House parties needing some god damn structure!
There were a few instances where AUX cord politics became too much and timed sets made more sense. I bought a cheap controller in my first year of Uni and had a mate with some previous experience teach me the ropes. What started out as a hobby slowly became something more when people would ask for us to play at their house parties.

King Monday started out as an artist project, the DJ’ing came later on once I had found my stride with what I wanted it to be. I experimented with using my first name initially but felt as though I couldn’t be as personal and introspective. I wanted to have a buffer between myself and my music. I’m inspired by a lot of my peers, but will always see artists like Four Tet, Burial, XXYYXX & James Blake as some of my key influences. The name itself takes influence from artists like MF Doom and Gorillaz, who use characters in their place.

My sound is always going to be something deeply personal...
Because of that will probably draw influence from just about everywhere! Especially, UK Underground dance culture, old school rave era, croydon being the birthplace of dubstep, Roots reggae and dub.I’ve always been into my video games and probably have themes from games like Ocarina of Time so deeply engraved in my mind that they end up spilling out into my music and tune selection. I take huge pride in being from Croydon and know that it has had a huge part to play in the contribution to electronic music today; with artists like Skream, El-B and Zed Bias pushing the earliest forms of the genre. I like finding tunes that make people look inwards and dance freely, something which I find resonates with old school rave era tunes from artists like Derrick May and A Guy Called Gerald.

The mix is essentially a little bit of everything I’ve been loving recently.
Lots of 2019/18 releases + some old classics from dubstep’s early years. I wanted to showcase a lot of new developments in the scene. There’s a focus on trap-inspired tracks throughout including a bootleg of Crew by GoldLink. The 808 resurgence has been a force throughout the industry being seen at the top of the charts and recent award shows. Coincidentally though, the tempos being used are around 140 BPM and seeing lots of crossover with legacy UK genres like grime and dubstep.

As to who I'm into right now, I have to give a couple of shoutouts to my mates who are killing it at the moment...

Traces - the talent from these two is unbelievable, I feel honoured to know them really.
They’ve recently done a mix for RinseFM with Swamp 81 (that you should all listen to asap).

Azileli - Having sung on a couple of my tracks I can vouch for Nell being not only an amazing singer but a phenomenal producer with one of her tracks ‘Gush’ being up there with my all-time favourites. I believe she has her debut EP coming out on the 28th this month as well!

The Dubstep scene is very, very much still thriving.
Lots of producers and DJ’s pushing the sound forward, beyond what it’s known for. With DJ’s like LUCY and Sherelle, this blend of grime / dubstep with 160BPM (Footwork etc) has recently blown up and I expect to see more of that. I wanted this mix to showcase how diverse things are currently and act as maybe an introduction for those unacquainted with the genres.

The past half a year has been about me as a person...
... So it's been little quiet musically for me, apart from a couple of remixes here and there. I’ve been focusing more on myself and my personal life being at a place in life now where I want to start building some foundations to be able to properly create and explore sound. I’ve been in the process of moving to a flat the past few months with enough space for a studio. I plan on setting up a label / collective once there, inviting people over to collaborate and create. I’m playing in Iowa at Mission Creek Festival on April the 3rd for a headline show and aiming to get some other live shows lined up for Summer. Incredibly excited for this as it's my first time ever headlining, and also being in the States!

I’ve got plenty of original material that I’d love for people to check out! I’m aiming to have another EP done for the end of this year as well. Thanks again to St. Romain for having me.


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