KATMANDÜ (Announcement)


50% of DJ duo Magic Tundra and founder of the Barcelona-based night Electric Fun Fun, KATMANDÜ creates eclectic mixes of disco, Italo, and world music with enough energy to make your head spin.

Born and raised in Dresden, Germany.
My first musical influences were more in the direction of rock and psychedelic music. As a teenager, I liked hip hop, breakbeats and electro. I remember one day my dad brought a CD, a huge Italo Disco compilation and that summer ‘94, I was 11 years old, we would listen for 2 weeks straight to this CD in the car while travelling through Danmark. I loved the sound of synths and the happy and energetic vibe, but it took me until mid of my 20s to find back to this music, which now became my favourite genre along with disco music, electronic, wave and EBM.

2017: The year Louis and I started Magic Tundra.
We shared the same passion and understanding of music and somehow really wanted to express that. Thanks to close friends we were given great opportunities, such as, on one hand, hosting a monthly party under the same name of Magic Tundra at the Freedonia Club, an authentic location of the Barcelonian underground, and on the other hand start presenting a bi-weekly radio show at radio C/C.

Parallel to the Magic Tundra projects we both also started to DJ individually at the same time. The sound of Magic Tundra spans from Italo, disco, high energy, synths, wave, electro, EBM, all electronic music with 80s vibes. For me, as Katmandü it is the same, but I like to also dig into music that might be more seen as Kitsch haha. I really love the rare 80s Italo originals with vocals that sometimes can be very cheesy. In general, what gets to me are songs that have a positive and energetic vibe. Contemporanian labels I like are Bordello a Parigi, Opilec, Mothball, Italo Moderni, Passport to Paradise, Dark Entries, Emerald & Doreen among others.

The mix? It's eclectic.
In general, when doing a mix or preparing a DJ session I like it to be quite eclectic and put a bit of everything, that (as already mentioned before) ranges from original 80s, disco, Italo, high energy, wave to contemporanean remixes or productions that have an 80s vibe. Among others in this mix, you find originals such as Boytronic, Man Parrish, The Why Not, The Emperor Machine, Manila and remixes/productions from Flemming Dalum, Ric Piccolo, Daniele Baldelli& DJ Rocca.

2019 was an exciting year.
I had several gigs this summer at La Terrrazza, a mythical dance Club in Barcelona, opening for international Djs such as Purple Disco Machine, Pillow Talk, Superlover and Greg Wilson. With Magic Tundra we played for the first time at the Soundit Festival (BCN) opening for Hot Chip, in Freedonia with the Robot Scientists and in many other nice locations in Barcelona.

A new project that Louis and I started last year is a monthly party series in Barcelona called electric FUN FUN. We wanted to create a platform to connect and promote local and international DJs/ Selectors that inspire and share our love for music of (again haha) 80’s Italo / Synth / Wave / Disco / Electronic Music (EBM). We had the Argentinian producer and DJ Ric Piccolo with us for the first one and the second one will be now end of February with Donald Dust and Adrian Marth, both emerging and very talented producers and DJs.

… and more to follow 🙂 Very excited about this project!


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