TANK Kollektiv (Announcement)


The Dutch DJ collective drop an exclusive mix for St. Romain that
defines their love of dark disco with synth-heavy floor fillers and a
number of their own productions.

Chance meetings led to shared interests.
After meeting in the Dutch college town of Groningen, we [Reyk] and [Joris] soon discovered our shared passion for electronic music. While Reyk is originally from the northern part of The Netherlands and got his early childhood inspiration from trance, he collected tracks in every genre that had a groove. Joris, on the other hand, is basically Belgian, coming from the Dutch southern town of Breda. He started playing the guitar at a very early age but switched to producing and DJing as soon as he discovered electronic music.

Reyk started DJ’ing when his friends started wondering why he did not use his huge collection of music to perform live as a DJ. After his first gig, he was immediately hooked! Sharing the emotional bond of music with like-minded people was simply too addictive. Joris was raised with music, but a whole new world opened up for him when he visited his first rave party. After that, his DJ sets began to reflect his vision of a proper rave.

Deep kicks, rollings synths and hotel basements.
After a long period of wanting to throw our first rave, we seized our opportunity when Joris started living in an old hotel with an empty basement. In between the old fridges, food shafts and 1930’s electronics we installed speakers and threw raves until far past dawn. Later the project professionalized (partly due to the fact that it was simply impossible to fit more people in the basement) and TANK became a Groningen institute for like-minded people that enjoy wildly decorated, tongue in cheek techno parties. 

At the same time, we founded the TANK Radio podcast to create a platform on which we could share our music beyond Groningen. TANK Radio became our playground to experiment with a variety of genres and music and we invited other artists that inspire us to share their sound as well, resulting in more than 60 podcasts. 

As the concept started to grow we soon surrounded ourselves with a great community of like-minded friends and DJs. It was the collective love for electronic music and the rave scene that bound us together, so it made sense to capture that feeling in a new name: TANK Kollektiv. TANK Kollektiv embodies a variety of musical genres, but the thing that defines the group the most is our love for Dark Disco. To us, there is simply nothing better than the sound of rolling synths with deep kicks.

It's all about Dark Disco.
Whilst we started from very different musical backgrounds, our collective taste soon ventured into a slower brand of techno, popularized by labels such as Correspondant, Nein Records and early Nous’klaer. Reyk being a trance fanatic, and Joris an all-time James Holden fan, TANK maintained a weak spot for good trancey melodies. Now,
all about the Dark Disco vibes, and we're long time fans of heavy hitters such as Curses and Jennifer Cardini. At the moment we're playing quality records from producers and artists in the Mexican scene. Producers such as Rigopolar, Theus Mago, Roliva, and Mufti take the darker disco style to a whole new level. In addition, we always make sure to check out the creative projects of Antoni Maiovvi; that guy creates so much quality content!

We would love to see more action in The Netherlands from labels such as Nein and Roam records. In the Dutch scene, you pretty much have it all with the most creative venues, festivals, and labels that define new sounds. You can party hard every weekend and still miss out on some great concepts and music that is being played in the Dutch scene. They are continuously looking for new experiences and new sounds in the smaller venues and festivals to get inspired to rediscover our own sound; All in all, they couldn't imagine a country that has such diversity in sounds, concepts, and people!

What's next?
We have some more TANK parties lined up in Amsterdam and we are currently working together with a new organization to play a sick rave in a former Cold War bunker. For TANK Radio we are hyped that we have had amazing artists the last few months to record podcasts for us, and we are looking forward to the podcasts that have yet to come; so make sure to check it out! In addition, we will continue to create our own mixtapes and are looking to release some of our own productions. One of our biggest ambitions that we are currently working on: is to create even more connection between our parties and the podcast by inviting some of the great artists on our podcasts for our TANK events.


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