Langton (Announcement)


Celebrated DJs and producers in their own right, Ben Remember x RektchordzMyriad Abstruse come together to form lo-fi, funk-influenced house trio, Langton. With a number of festival appearances already under their belt in 2019, this year promises big things.

For SR0012, they've provided more than two hours of solid gold which defies genres.

The Cornish party scene and belt drive decks...
All three of us were lucky enough to grow up in Cornwall, but there often wasn’t much to do (especially in the winter), so we didn’t have a choice but to get heavily into the party scene as soon as possible!

We all loved music from an early age (being brought up on reggae, prog rock and 80s and 90s bangers, which then gave way to teen angst, hip hop and grunge / metal).

Trance and drum and bass were the main genres within dance music that finally got us into producing and DJing though. That’s when the belt-drive turntables came about.

You can’t beat that feeling of getting new records in the post on a Saturday morning and mixing for hours to find the tunes that go well together. The fact that you had to really restrict yourself to a few records (because vinyl was so expensive) made sure that you only ever bought your favourite tunes as well.

Times have changed slightly since then, with the ability to buy tunes digitally for a lot less money, but having a mix with a load of mates is still one of the most enjoyable things a person can do. A few hours in a decent record shop can be very therapeutic as well.

It took some time for us to collaborate.
We all lived together in Bristol for about 6 years and during this time had our own projects going on. We didn’t really collaborate on anything musically for a good few years, instead spending most of our time together playing computer games and watching films.

We’ve all played musical instruments at some point throughout our lives but only really got back into playing them a few years ago. Then, after a hot summer filled with great festivals and amazing music we decided to work on a couple of funk tracks together. We then had a few jam sessions at a studio in Bristol (the idea is to play live sets in the future) and remembered how fun it is to just sit down and make noises with a load of mates.

Coming from Cornwall (which is very backwards) initially meant that our music tastes, in terms of DJing, stayed pretty similar for a while. So initially, one of us played drum and bass while the other two played trance, then we all moved onto playing breakbeat and dubstep, then house and techno, within the space of about 15 years.

Being exposed to so much amazing music in Bristol has changed things for sure. Firstly, everyone here makes and plays music, and secondly, there are so many nights on compared to Cornwall, so the direct inspiration from listening to loads of different types of music is pretty great. The energy in Bristol in the summer has definitely helped to move us more towards the funk side of the spectrum as well!

The mix is a bit of everything. It's generally what you can expect from us.
So it starts off with a classic Frankie Knuckles remix of a Womack and Womack track (that has been the soundtrack to many an early Sunday morning over the past few months), then just carries on with whatever seemed right at the time really. The intention was for it to be two hours long but we got a bit carried away. That’s the beauty of just having a mix – it’s easy to get lost in it and before you know it, days have passed.

There’s a load of different genres and flavours involved, including funk, disco, rare groove, house, garage, some old school breakbeats and a smidge of acid. The mix ended up being a bit of a journey and a good representation of the sort of DJ sets you’d expect from us.

For a track to get our attention it could take anything, from a catchy little hook to a great vocal. But basically, if it’s got funk, soul and a decent groove then that’s a good start. Oh, and some nice vintage warmth! Check the last track of the mix for a great example of all of this.

At the moment, there are so many interesting DJ's and producers around. We love Antal, Palms Trax, Gerd, Young Marco for their mixes, and O’Flynn, Titeknots, Art of Tones and Vulfpeck for their tracks. Vulfpeck tracks are also great for band practice.

From one Shambala to another.
The past year has been a lot of fun, ended up playing at a load of crazy festivals, but Meadows in the Mountains has got to be the highlight. It’s difficult to beat being at the top of a Bulgarian mountain with great tunes and amazing people while the sun rises. Shambala was also fantastic – not sure why it’s taken this long to get to that one! Working on tunes together has been really fun as well, looking forward to more of that.

2020 is going to be an interesting one! One of us is off to Southeast Asia and India for a year in February and will be (perhaps stupidly) taking a load of audio gear with them to be able to get some ideas down while travelling. The plan is to send stuff back to the others and get some more tracks finished while on the move. Might even release some music, who knows?!

Look after yourself.
Not wanting to sound preachy, but with all the crazy stuff that’s going on in the world at the minute, looking after your own mental health has never been more important. There are so many things that can be done to help with this, whether it’s talking to your mates about your feelings, receiving therapy in one way or another, listening to music or meditating.

There’s a great free podcast by Blindboy that covers mental health, music and loads of other really interesting stuff. He’s also a hilarious Irish guy so that helps. In his own words, it’s a weekly ‘podcast hug’ and it’s stupidly good. Check it out!


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