Javano (Announcement)


Growing up in the South London town of Bromley on a diet of garage and jungle, drum and bass producer / DJ Javano is inspired by the world around him and a wide variety of genres, from techno and bass to ambient.

For SR0011 - and the first guest mix of 2020 - we're very excited to welcome him to the decks.

I grew up in Bromley on the crust of south London and remain living here today. I enjoy living here, it’s convenient to get around London where there’s so much going on. Growing up I remember my sister playing Garage music, it was part of my childhood hearing that sound and I always relate those moments to the beginning, the first few times music inspired me or made me think. I used to question myself how it’s made. Following this, I started to learn the drums which eventually lead to creating electronic music on software.

I got into DJing when I was about 15, yet I’m not sure why. I can’t really remember, it all felt very natural. I was really into Jungle / Drum and Bass music at the time and collected many V Recordings records. I was always itching to mix new records. The DJing just came with the record collecting.

Much like DJing, I had moved onto making my own tracks by the age of 15. The productions were horrible and when you listen back to them It’s a real laugh. When I was comfortable with releasing music I started to put tracks out under Javano, which started as a hobby and I still see it that way today.

My current sound is inspired by many other genres. Working full time in the city results in lots of hours spent on the train where I’m always trying to discover music I’m unaware of. The contrast between what inspires me can be heard in my music, Techno, Bass and Ambient genres to name a few. Experiences can also trigger my inspiration. Whether it be pre-match adrenaline before a Chelsea game or a scenic landscape that helps paint a song, these moods affect the way I shape my music, and sometimes without me knowing.

The artists I really like are Forest Drive West, Pessimist, Satl, Pearson Sound and Bibio. I’m not a fan of all DnB these days however I still make music at 170 and can’t see that changing anytime soon.

2020 will be a good year. I have worked on several ideas over 2019 and have the ammunition set for this year. I’m working on an EP for Temple Of Sound which will come out this year.


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