Mufti (Announcement)


Sending us a mix straight from Guadalajara, Mexico, we're excited to welcome Bernado Barrera aka Mufti to the decks for SR0008. Expect a versatile display of Indie, Nu-disco and plenty of 80's rock-inspired tracks.

From Guns n Roses to defending myself on the keyboard.
I was born in Ciudad de Mexico but have lived in Guadalajara all my life. I’ve listened to all kinds of rock music since I was young, the first cassette I owned was Guns n Roses ‘Use Your Illusion’ when I was 6 years old. Then I started to listen to a lot of progressive rock and that kind of stuff, and later on, got into electronic music EBM and post-punk. Started to play the guitar when I was a kid, then learned drums and later piano. I’m not that skilled at playing keyboards but I can defend myself haha...

I started putting on some playlists my iPod at parties then friends started to convince me to start mixing, so I did. And now I really enjoy looking for new music, doing my own, and trying to keep the people at the club or venue dancing or having fun. I have another project called Los Fugazzi which is pretty similar but I started doing tracks that I felt were different from what we were doing as Los Fugazzi. So I started Mufti and it has been getting a good response.

I try to keep it simple and true to me.
I really don’t know what defines my sound but it what I like to do with my tracks is keep it simple, record some guitars, vocals, synths and not be very perfectionist about it. As inspiration, every time I start doing a track or remix I just try not to think too much about it and be true to what comes out.

In the mix for St. Romain, there are some remixes and originals unreleased by me, and tracks that I have been playing in my latest gigs. It has to have a certain feel or at least that the track makes you feel something. And has to be fun.

New labels are born every month - it’s great.
There are tons of producers that I find exciting right now, so it’s easier to mention the labels that are releasing them. Ombra International - the label of my friend Curses - is putting some of the coolest music out there. Duro, a Mexican label run by Bufi/Theus Mago and Moisees is also releasing super fun stuff. Relish, of course, has always delivered music from many artists I admire. Her Majesty’s Ship, Critical Monday, Rotten City, Playground Records, This Side Up, And the list could go on and on. More and more these days new labels are born every month. Which is a great thing!

The Mexico scene is pretty good but I’ll soon be on my way to Europe.
The scene in Mexico is pretty good. Basically, you can play my kind of music at a club or small club in all the important cities of each state. I have a residency at a club called Kin Kin in Guadalajara. I always play the same on my mixes as I do in the clubs. Just sometimes I play much easier or friendly, it depends if I am playing all night or warm-up. And if it is a warm-up it depends a lot on who I am doing the warm-up for.

I recently released one of my favourite tracks, ‘Control’ on Ombra International and on vinyl too. Also released a remix alongside my buddy Colossio for the super french label La Dame Noir. A free edit for the cool guys at Rollover Milano. I released an EP of edits too on US label Wonder Stories. Over the next few months I will be releasing a couple of tracks on Relish, an EP on Play Pal Music, an EP on Mange_Moi, tracks for super cool labels like Critical Monday and Rotten City, and also a couple of remixes for labels like Secret Fusion, Hosted, and Nein. A lot of music is on the way. I’ll also be doing a small Europe tour for the first time! More news on that soon!


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