Bobby Kang (Announcement)


Exploring everything from sixties and seventies soul, funk and jazz to modern hip hop and rap, Bobby Kang craft mixes that balance the sounds he loves while delving into his Punjabi heritage. Packed full of classic edits, hip hop bangers and tunes that you'll be crate-digging to find, we're excited to welcome Bobby to the decks for SR0007.

DJing began as a way to perform music I’d produced.
I started off making beats and producing music then DJ’ing became a way to perform live as a producer. Being a big hip-hop fan, I was inspired by the likes of DJ Premier, Pete Rock, J Dilla, Q-Tip and started learning turntables to DJ since it suited the style of music I made. I would then do remixes and edits, partnering accapellas with my beats and then playing them in live sets. It would always get a good reception from audiences, with people coming up and asking who’s remix it is and I’d tell them it’s my own. This encouraged me to carry on pursuing both DJ’ing and producing.


A dope soul sample is always a surefire way to get my attention.
Growing up a hip-hop fan, I became familiar with the concept of sampling, so I’d explore where my favourite songs were being sampled from and this led me getting into soul, funk and jazz music from the 60s and 70s and collecting those records. I’ll typically show this influence in my sets and mixes by playing the original sampled songs and then cutting in with the track that’s sampled it. Being of Punjabi heritage, I use this tried and tested formula in my own music, making beats by sampling old Punjabi folk/bhangra from my parents and grandparents record collections.

The mix is pretty much filled with everything mentioned above, including some of my own remixes. For a track to get my attention, I love anything with that warm, analogue/vintage sound hooks me in, along with drums that pop through the mix. 


Things are happening on both sides of the Atlantic.
I was pretty fortunate to get introduced to some promoters and DJs in New York, so I DJ’d a couple of parties over there twice this year. Other than that I’ve been working on producing music with a few different artists, one who just released their debut track in September that I produced. I’ll be DJ’ing at Keakie and Ace Hotel in Shoreditch later this month and I’m working on putting together a solo project which will be an instrumental/beat tape album to release next year.

So, stay on the lookout for more original music coming out along with some live shows.

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