Running Hot (Announcement)


Fresh off the back of seeing them at Amsterdam Dance Event we welcome Paul Griffiths & Mark Newman - aka Running Hot - to the decks for SR0006. Packed full of house, disco and music from around the world, we asked them to do a special two-hour set for our sixth show.

We’re on a never-ending quest and can’t imagine not DJing.
M: I got into DJing when I was 13 through a friend who was a couple of years older than me. He’d started going out to raves and had started buying some of the music that was being played at those nights and DJing. He was passing me mixtapes that he was making, mostly hardcore and old school rave stuff, and it basically opened up this whole new musical world to me and I just started trying to get my hands on as much of it as possible. Firstly through buying tape packs and pretty soon afterwards by starting to buy my own records and starting to DJ.

I’ve been doing it for so long now that I can’t really imagine not doing it at this point. I love finding new music and DJing is a great outlet for sharing that with other people. I’m not sure what I’d be doing with my free time if I wasn’t looking for new music or annoying my friends with a constant stream of FB event notifications.

P: My first exposure to electronic music was in my teens listening to various mixtapes and mix series (a lot of trance and progressive!) as well as artists like Radiohead and 

DJ Shadow. It wasn’t until university that I had the chance to play with CDJs and turntables that my mates had, as before then I was just playing around with Traktor and the like. That’s about the time I started buying records, which were mainly house, garage and disco records to begin with.

I started playing out at house parties and events that friends had organised in Edinburgh, and have since been slowly extending that to a wider audience with Mark in London and beyond. It’s obviously great to be able to share music that you discover with other people, and I think another thing which drives me to continue DJing is the idea of this as a never-ending quest to curate soundtracks for different moods and situations.


It sounds cliched, but our mixes tend to be pretty eclectic.
M: It’s pretty cliche at this point as the term has been abused a lot but I think we tend to be pretty eclectic (playing three slight variations of house in a set doesn’t qualify) when we play. We’ve both got pretty broad record collections so we tend to mix it up in terms of styles and genres depending on the party we’re playing. I don’t think of myself as a specialist DJ, someone who does a particular style really well, I’m definitely more of a generalist. I get pretty bored if I have to stick to one thing for too long. 

For me, the biggest inspiration comes from the music itself. Hearing a track that you’ve not heard before, thinking it’s amazing and wanting to be able to play that to other people. It’s always great to see a DJ really nail a set too, this year the one that stood out for me was hearing Job Jobse close the second stage at Lente Kabinet festival in Amsterdam.

P: The way that records from different eras, styles and backgrounds can be woven together to create distinct atmospheres throughout a party is something which definitely inspires me. Another massive cliche is that of the ‘journey’, but when someone’s given the room to do it and to do it well, it’s one of the most rewarding experiences for dancers and DJs alike. I remember the first time I heard DJ Harvey play and it felt like we’d traversed the galaxy. Sets like that have definitely left a lasting impression on me. 

This mix? it’s peak time, festival vibes.
M: There’s a whole range of stuff, though predominantly disco, house and techno. It’s perhaps not as broad a range as we would typically feature in a recorded mix but with this one, we wanted to try to record something which had more of a peak-time or festival stage vibe to it. When we record mixes we try to tailor them more towards home listening for obvious reasons and that tends to mean not including the more peak-time records that we like. We wanted this mix to be an opportunity to play some of those.

We buy a lot of older records, but make an effort to find music that isn’t too focused on the past.
M: I tend to spend a lot of time looking for and buying older records but have tried to make an effort to find more new music to play over the last few months as I think it’s important to support people who are out there making great new music and not become too focused on the past, especially at a time when older music and records, in particular, have become more festishised than ever before.

There are too many names to mention but a couple that spring to mind who tracks I’ve been playing a lot are Nu Guinea, Identified Patient, Jex Opolis, Lipelis, Masalo, Dazion, Barker and Dawl.

There’s original material coming. And lots of travel.
M: The last 6 months we’ve been playing at a bunch of different parties and have started to work on putting some music out, initially focused on re-edits of older stuff. We previously had a radio show that we did for about a year or so but stopped a while back. We’ve done the odd show or guest appearance on stations like Balamii and Netil since then but that’s out. (No residences at the moment either, club promoters hit us up yo!)

The next 6 months we’d like to focus on making some original material and getting that out. We recently threw a party in Amsterdam for the first time in a while, hopefully, we’ll get those going more regularly again in the New Year. Some more DJ gigs would be nice too, there are talks of gigs in various countries around the world so hopefully, that will happen. 

P: There’s chat of some gigs in Brazil, Tunisia, Turkey and beyond so hopefully we’ll have a chance to share the heat with other people around the world. We’ll make sure to eat plenty of bananas to keep the energy levels up too.