Fuocco (Announcement)


Dropping a mix straight from her native Argentina, Fuocco's passion, commitment and love for music shine through in a selection for St. Romain that will get you ready for the dancefloor wherever and whenever you're listening.

I’ve been on stages since I was 15... 
I’ve always done something related to music - I can’t imagine my life without it. Music is what always makes me happy, it’s my everything. I’ve done many things in music, like singing in Choirs, playing in bands, etc. But djing is the place where I feel most comfortable, free and able to share and connect with people. It’s not been easy but it’s been so exciting and so rewarding. Nowadays DJing and teaching take up most of my time.

Intense things and emotions inspire me. 
I think I’m a very versatile DJ, I know I can perform in many styles and genres. I guess it has to do with passion, commitment and love for music. We’re living the beginning of the spring here in Buenos Aires, the weather is getting nicer and that takes you to a nicer mood. Because of that, I made my mix for St. Romain feature a selection of some of the tracks that I’ve enjoyed the most this year and puts you in a mood suitable to dance and feel free and excited.

Recently, things have been complicated in Argentina...
I’ve mostly been playing bars, gay parties, a lot of Techno parties and on the radio. I’m a producer and a resident DJ at an underground party called “Submerged”. Diego Cid started it seven years ago with the idea of showing new and old DJs and VJs, with techno as the main genre.

But this year is a bit different than previous ones in Argentina since we’re in the middle of a big economic crisis!