OK Jones (Announcement)


Renowned party starter, Trouble Vision regular and disco-crate digger, as one half of Love Glove, OK Jones has been playing out to packed-out crowds across London for years.

For SR0004, he was kind enough to provide St. Romain with one of its funkiest mixes yet before he makes the move to his new home in Berlin.

DJing: It all started by accident...
I had been collecting hip hop and Jungle records at university, then I purchased a set of technics to mess around on with pals in my flat and started adding lots of disco and house to my collection. A friend of my dad’s said he had a sound system for sale which I thought would be a good addition. The system turned out to be a 2 k rig. Shortly after that, a friend asked if we’d host a back room using the now in-demand system at a squat party in an old disused nightclub in Peckham. That really went off, with over a 1000 people turning up for the main event and me realizing playing tunes I like, out loud to dancers, is quite pleasurable.

It carried on from there. I hosted a few parties with mates at Corsica studios and around Shoreditch and started booking acts we knew and liked under a few different party names. That was followed by a good friend Chris Gold asking if I wanted to help out with / and resident for an in-house party at Corsica Studios which he’d decided to christen “Trouble Vision”. We’re now approaching our 11th Birthday with Trouble Vision. Aside from TV, I also hosted another party/collective called Love Glove which we still play as every now and again. But yeah, a love of finding and playing out good and rare records loud has kept me doing it!


Defining my sound? Tough one...
Disco… it all began in one right? I like disco as a term that defines the era of Larry Lavan and Ron Hardy. Not just disco “disco” records, but house, techo, punk-influenced disco, Italo, Afrobeat, quality edits... Anything with a groove or a feel of funk to it. I love hearing DJs play who take risks as well, so will try the odd curveball when I’ve had enough sherry. Inspirations - DJ Harvey, Midland, Marcellus Pittman, Haai, Park Ranger, Job Jobse, Oliver Reed. Reese Witherspoon, Giles Peterson & Alan Stephenson.

I try not to think too much in terms of a ‘set’ when I play out. 
I just have a bag of records and set of digital playlists with tunes in that I would really like to play out loud. Then I try and play the right ones in a nice order and hope people progressively dance. Occasionally adjusting them to try and make people enjoy dancing further. My mix for St. Romain contains tunes I’ve been playing out over the last year, in no particular order. Recorded in one go and getting sloppier as it gets later in the night… (also how I sometimes like to play...) 

Tune wise - Anything that makes me want to dance usually does the trick.

It was basically a bunch of mates booking their favourite acts and trying to get people dancing...
Trouble Vision was the brainchild of my buddy Chris Gold. A few of us as students had separately been throwing parties at Corsica Studios in the early days of it being in Elephant and Castle. Adrian and Amanda (the amazing people who set up Corsica) asked Chris if he wanted to go in-house and start something regular. Chris asked if we - Robin, Park Ranger and myself - would like to be residents and help out with party antics (which included 6am flyering outside places like Fabric as well as the usual party pursuits). 

Chris is an amazing booker and everyone got to have some input. We all took up warm-up duties as well as the occasional hallowed 5am (sometimes later) closing slot and it went from there. It was basically a bunch of mates getting to book/support their favourite acts then try and get people dancing on the warm-up and the close down to make the party better. Corsica Studios really looked after us from the start, as well, with Adrian letting Chris gamble on the line ups. Jamie XX, Four Tet, Midland and James Holden on one single bill in Room One of Corsica in the early days was a classic.

My Love Glove partner in crime, Rolfie, then joined the resident crew and it’s now been rolling for 11 years. It has definitely given us all great experiencing in doing what we love. We’ve played across Europe for TV and we’ve had far too much fun.


The last six months? Busy...
Percolate’s Queen’s Yard party kicked off the summer and was a great event to play. Then I've been playing a small residency at Number 90 in Hackney, joining a few line-ups over the summer. I’ve also played some parties B2B with my partner (in both senses of the word) KATAN at POW Brixton for the Up on the Roof series, which has been excellent. Did I mention Trouble Vision’s 11th birthday at Corsica Studios last week? That was a corker with Move D, Or:la, Lena Willikens & Vladamir Ivkovic and OMAR plus residents. 

Next, I’m making a move to Berlin to work for Soundcloud (I work in digital music distribution during the week). Hyped to check out a new city and very excited to get involved with everything Soundcloud have going on. Maybe I’ll look to get involved in putting on some parties over there once we’ve settled in… We shall see!

Hopefully, I’ll be back with the Trouble Vision crew at some point after the Autumn as well. Maybe even try talking Chris into hosting a Berlin event. Either way, there’s a cracking series of TV parties lined up for the rest of the Autumn season so I’ll be sad to miss them.