Joanna Åström (Announcement)

Hailing from Sweden but now based in East London, Joanna Åström sophisticatedly occupies several artistic disciplines as a producer, DJ and sound engineer. Jo's music is an eclectic merge of jazz, disco, house, acid and techno inspired by her multifaceted creative lifestyle - DJing most evenings whilst by day, working as a manager assistant to The Chemical Brothers or inhabiting The Rattle studio space as a studio engineer.

Moving to London inspired my musical direction...
Since going out to clubs and festivals as a teenager I have always been excited about DJs and electronic music, but it wasn’t until I moved to London in 2015 I started to learn DJing myself. I had just quit my consultancy job in Stockholm and moved to London, so the fresh start made me take a pivotal turn in my career from Economics to Music. 

My sound is a mix of disco, acid house and techno and is inspired by travelling. That’s when I’m being more open to new ideas that I tend to be too busy to reflect on during my busy lifestyle in London.

It’s the journey that’s important...
I like to take the listeners / dancers on a journey, departing from a sophisticated, yet groovy beat and usually ending up with more energetic sounds with a higher tempo and a sublime acid bassline. 

To me, it’s all about the energy of the song. I usually have to imagine myself playing the song in a bar or club, and if based on my imagination I can determine if it’s a good track. Sometimes even dancing to the track myself helps to decide whether it’s a suitable track or not. 🙂


Seeing friends and strangers having a great time is why I DJ...
I’ve recently become a fresh talent and a part of the Femme Fraiche team, who’s organising bi-monthly nights at Dalston Superstore in London. I’ve known the main promoter for over a year. I used to go to their parties so I reached out to her and she gave me the opportunity to play. I did my first gig with them a month ago and I was quite nervous in the run-up to the night, but once seeing a packed dance floor with friends and strangers having an amazing time it brought me the happiness which is the reason to why I DJ. I’ve also had my own radio show at Music Box Radio since the beginning of 2018. Through the radio, I met a group of other DJs who I’ve now become good friends with, so when we organising event we tend to put each other on the lineups as we know it sounds great when we’re playing together.

My debut EP is out now...
The last 6 months have been a great progression for me, I joined the music collective The Rattle at the beginning of the year which enabled me to not only be able to make music in their studios but also meet like-minded co-members and supportive mentors. On top of that, I released my debut EP end of July which was a massive milestone for me. The upcoming six months I’m going to work on some new projects and collaborations with other artists. I’ve already started planning my next release that will come out next year.

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