Italian DJ, Lorenzo Lucchetti, know as Loelash, was born into a musical family, studying classical and jazz music in his home country before moving to London. Armed with business cards, a thirst to expand his musical soundscape and educated at Point Blank Music School, Loelash has seen him move from residencies in Brick Lane to supporting Canadian DJ and producer and pianist, Anomalie, on his UK tour. For SR0002, he talks about his past, present and future, and drops in an exclusive listen to his latest remix.

London-based, but Italian born, I’m a child of music
Born and raised in Italy, I grew up studying and playing classical and jazz music. Both my parents are classical musicians and got me started in music since the early days. Picked Saxophone in 2005 - played since then. Left the country 10 years later with a degree and the desire to study electronic music. Went to Point Blank Music School the following year and started DJing right after I graduated. Kept making music throughout the years (started on Garageband in 2011), which led me to where I am now.

DJing paid the bills, but it opened doors to a new world of inspiration
I was fascinated by the whole mixing process and how you can manipulate the vibes of the room. It’s an interesting social experiment.

My sound is defined by multiple genres - at home, I used to listen to classical and jazz/bossa nova but growing up, especially during high school, I would meet with friends who helped me widen my knowledge of different genres such as pop, hip-hop, electronic, indie rock and so on. I guess what I’ve always listened to the most got stuck in my brain and comes out when I’m composing. To grab my attention, I think a track must have amazing chords and melodies. My mix for St. Romain is made by my original tracks, remixes, tracks made by producers friends, and music I’m listening to at the moment. It also features an exclusive for all of you: my remix of M w S latest single ‘Too Young To Know’, out on Friday 27th.

From Brick Lane to Beat Meet...
The first DJ residency I ever had was at Big Chill in Brick Lane. It’s an amazing urban bar with good-vibes-only people and amazing staff. It’s also the first place I stepped into armed with business cards, asking for the manager / promoter. They called me back a couple of days later asking if I wanted to do a trial set. That was back in June 2017.

Last March, I played a live set during the ‘Beat Meet’ (beatmaker showcase by The LAB Collective) at Keakie HQ, Shoreditch. Shortly after my set, I was offered to start my own fortnightly podcast - ‘Prismatic’ was born! I’m about to record Episode 012 and I couldn’t be happier! I host DJ sets, live beat-making, guests and interviews, jams and just love and passion for music!

My first EP, sell-out show and working with Nike and Native Instruments - the last six months have been crazy...
I’ve met so many new friends and colleagues in music, released my first EP (Prisma) and played a headline sold-out show at The Ministry, started my own podcast, got 3 new DJ residencies and took part of an amazing workshop in collaboration with Nike and Native Instruments, called ‘School Of Bop’ by Intalekt.

The next 6 months will see me working on a new EP, opening for Illa J in Bordeaux for a J Dilla Tribute night, and supporting Anomalie on his UK Tour in October. And of course, getting even more residencies and gigs and collaborating with producers - getting ready for 2020!

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