Lauren Neko (Announcement)


Sydney-based performer Lauren Neko wears many hats. Equal parts DJ, vocalist, writer, promoter, producer, educator, industry manager and entrepreneur, she’s traversed the globe, having lived and performed across both hemispheres, multiple timezones, and in clubs of all shapes and sizes. For SR0001, Lauren Neko joins St. Romain to talk lock-out laws, finding the groove and of course, inspiration.

I really just want people to love themselves, to enjoy their thoughts, and to feel good...
And I feel like music, creating fun safe spaces for people to explore, is a great avenue for that. So that’s what I do. Resume style you would say I’m a DJ, Vocalist, Writer, Promoter, Producer, Educator, Industry Manager and Entrepreneur. However, to be more descriptive; I’m Female. Rainbow. Australian sunshine in dark spaces. Melodic. Caffeinated. 


As a vocalist in a world of mostly male DJs, I got tired of chasing infrequent gigs or being a prop on stage...
So five years ago I decided ‘I’m going to do all of it, DJ and sing, myself. And I’m going to make a live sound system act out of this as well.’ DJing initially was an avenue for my voice. However, the more I progress, my focus becomes less about me and what I want to create musically on the micro-level: it’s really an opportunity to further build upon a connected atmosphere I wish to create in a venue or space. 


Sometimes my voice defines my sound. Other times is just me and the decks.
I often combine my voice with an array of reverbed sax, percussion and live bass around my original tunes. Other times is just me and the decks. My sound is predominantly House. However, what makes me love a track comes down to a few factors: The groove. Often a great vocal or some kind of obscure instrumental sample. As I have been a musician since age 10, I’m inspired by sounds outside of dance music. But the tracks that tend to have commercial appeal will often have a sneaky guitar or electric bass in there - I think we all secretly like a bit of disco, jazz and rock still!


The atmosphere is neon and inclusive...
I have a couple of projects on the go. I play every Friday night as one half of the Disco Bunniez in Newtown Sydney. The Blue Fig is a great venue that lets us play whatever we feel like. They’re highly supportive of the dance music community and emerging artists. The same venue lets me host a monthly event called ‘Ladies LUV’ - which is an event showcasing female/non-binary talent. The atmosphere is neon and inclusive. 

My major projects all stem from this same LUV theme. This started with my UV Sound System LUV’D UP - we have been performing live house with bass, drums, sax and myself on DJ/voice/commander in chief. These are mostly my original tunes, and up to three sets of blended transformed party tunes and club classics. I’m excited to write and release some new tunes soon so we can have a fully Lauren Neko LUV’D UP experience!


I’m gearing up for LUV Potion...
I wanted to expand the neon fun on stage to the whole audience, so earlier this year I put on my first event at the Fringe Festival in Adelaide called LUV Parade. This was a three-room immersive event with DJs, performers, artists, body painters, dancers creating an electric UV wonderland. 

Next year I’m gearing up for LUV Potion, which will announce some epic International talent and have a paired UV drink experience for attendees - very excited! 

There is a place for everyone at dance music events, and a community ready to welcome you. Even better than that the music is awesome!